“Never Giving Up On Food”: Tahira Kashyap’s Mantra To Maintain Her Indulgences Is Simple


Author-filmmaker and mother of two, Tahira Kashyap is a master of many trades. She juggles her personal and professional lives with much ease, keeping her fans and followers thoroughly updated and entertained! If you follow Tahira on her social media handles, her penchant for delicious food is too evident to miss. Tahira has time and again revealed her love for food, how she likes to eat more than she likes to cook, and her numerous relatable Instagram videos that hit home for many foodies out there. However, if you have ever wondered how Tahira manages her indulgences whilst also living an extremely healthy life, her most recent reel might have the answers that you are looking for.

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Tahira posted a reel on Instagram and it instantly caught our attention. The author starts off the video by showing us a delicious plate of crunchy sabudana tikkis, the immediate next clip is of Tahira in between a rigorous workout in the gym and the text reads ‘ After devouring a plateful of sabudana tikkis’. She further explains in the caption – ‘I showed up!! Working out but not giving up on food this time! Not this time, not ever!’. Look at the video here:

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It is safe to assume that Tahira takes her workout sessions as seriously as her food, and this isn’t ‘t the first time she has shared her hilarious take on the relation of both. In a similar Instagram story shared by Tahira recently, she was seen asking her followers how they manage to maintain a diet after working out. Thankfully many of her followers answered and Tahira was kind enough to share those answers on her Instagram Stories. Read more about that here.

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