Make your Thanksgiving more attractive with cosmetic packaging boxes.

cosmetic packaging

Cosmetic packaging boxes are personalized in countless customization options in materials, sizes, styles, and colors. The range of materials available for manufacturing includes E flute corrugated, Kraft stock, bux board, and cardboard. All these materials may possess various characteristics, but one thing is sure that they make these boxes protective and eco-friendly. The packages are relatively flexible that makes them easy to cut, assemble, store, and ship. They come in a large array of add-ons like handles, die-cut windows, perforations, etc. You can stylize them in any anticipated shape and obtain a snug fit design for your product. Brilliant printability is another plus point of these packages that enables the brands to market their products effectively. The finishes like gold foiling, raised ink printing, gloss UV, and aqueous coating can add a seamless appearance. 

Thanksgiving is a special event at which people in various parts of the world celebrate gratitude. It is more a secular occasion where different gifts are exchanged as signs of thankfulness. Most of the time, cosmetic products are favored as presents. This is just another opportunity to invite thousands of new customers to pick up their products for a cosmetic brand. If you really want to capitalize, the cosmetic packaging boxes need to be spot on. There is a dire need to modify and design them in a way that enhances your product’s attraction factor. 

Thematic customization:

We all know that the colors associated with Thanksgiving are red, brown, yellow, and orange. Many other cosmetic brands would be eyeing to embellish their packaging with all these colors. While this is a good approach, we recommend you a more modest approach. Do not feature all of these colors at once when designing custom boxes. It may make them look busy and hence your products being sold this Thanksgiving may lose all the attraction. Instead, make sure to sprinkle only a single color throughout your packaging design for a more modern look. You can feature some high-definition graphics showing turkey, the bird mainly associated with the theme of Thanksgiving. Such a box design is a definite way to make your products popular on this auspicious occasion. 

A metallic look.

Achieving a metallic look with your custom cosmetic boxes is a fine approach to making Thanksgiving products memorable. Foil stamping is a fantastic method to be used for this purpose. It stamps a metallic foil onto the packages with fierce pressure and heat application. Typically, you see its use for giving a highlight to the logo and other visual elements. But, you need to go for a metallic touch to embellish your packages and make a strong statement on the retail shelves. Such an exquisite look of the boxes creates some premium and luxurious vibes that make your items outstanding. 

Window patch up:

The customers tend to see a lot of clutter when exploring the retail aisles on Thanksgiving. Even if you have manufactured the most quality products, they will lose their charm in this clutter. If you want to make them appear elegant to the eyes by using cosmetic boxes, showcase them with window patching. It is the introduction of small window patches at the lid and sides of the packages. It is the simplest way to convey a message to the customers about what kind of products they are going to purchase. Reflect on your creativity a bit more and interestingly stylize the die-cut windows. This way, the packages would present a product sight that becomes irresistible for the visitors. 


The unboxing experience serves a great deal in creating an impactful impression on potential clients. Bearing that in mind, buy cosmetic boxes wholesale supplies and print some personal messages and designs on the interior. This will help you create a positive experience for the target audience. For example, printing something like “Happy Thanksgiving” can add a personal touch that receives huge applause from the customers. Even the quirky notes or some famous sayings related to Thanksgiving can print inside of these packages. This will make your brand more personal and closer to the targeted audience. 

Embossed design.

This is perhaps the most subtle idea to design your custom packages. Embossing is a unique technique that is popular for creating embossed designs on the texture of boxes. Use this method to give your boxes a 3D look, and most importantly, it would elevate the touching sense of potential clients. It would bring Thanksgiving cheer to customers’ lives, and they can attract to your products. 

Simply put, there are many more ways to turn Thanksgiving into something extraordinary with the cosmetic packaging boxes. So stick with these design ideas or come up with your own to create outstanding packages that relay a festive theme of Thanksgiving.