How Celebrities Are Using social media To Build Their Brand

social media

Celebrities are one of the most important figures when it comes to following them on social media. Social media right now is the most important place where people can share their views and thoughts about current topics. In addition, it does not matter how good or bad your comment on social media is, you do have some followers. Few celebrities like Jeff Tiedrich are involved in such social media where he has been involved in tweeting about various political developments. 

All of the celebs are now using Twitter to create a brand about themselves. Moreover, many of the people do have millions of followers. You may think that there is no single traditional marketing style that would reach a wide range of audiences. Likewise, as a celebrity, they will be able to capitalize the attention if they have a huge amount of Twitter or any social media followers. Moreover, it helps them to build their brand. Furthermore, Twitter helps you to get attention by using hashtags to bring important pieces of the message.

Creating awareness

Who would have thought one day Twitter would make a person a superstar? For example, there is a band that creates worldwide recognition and awareness. Moreover, they will get an unprecedented response from people which will help them to launch their careers. In addition, they already know how much their success is driven by fans. Likewise, Ines de Ramon created a huge following as she is quite active on Twitter.

Build emotional relation

Sometimes celebrities also find themselves emotionally connected when they have created a brand among themselves. Twitter always provides a platform that connects on an individual level. Moreover, it gives them a loyal fan base that is heavily interested in following the celebrity.

In addition, on social media followers do get a chance to look into celebrities’ personal life and try to relate with them. Furthermore, it has now become easier to glimpse celebrities closer than before. For example, when a celebrity was ill, the message was retweeted and then people did send him well wishes.

Maintaining brand image

Many celebrities also employ teams who can manage their Twitter account. Likewise, it might be too tough to handle 140 characters. Those people who manage their accounts, try to deal with rumors and defend celebrities against negative comments.

More recently, Oprah was questioned about her philanthropic efforts. She cleared the doubt on Twitter. In addition, she received huge support from her followers as well. Not to mention, celebrity gossip is always trending in social media, but they also get a chance to quickly address the rumor.

Stay relevant

Show business and cinema is not an easy thing and that is why celebrities have to be relevant with their fans. Moreover, they like to tweet about the latest trends in fashion. In addition, Twitter gives celebrities a fan base who can comment on recent topics and give feedback. As soon as their fan comments, their fan base grows. Furthermore, right now live-tweeting has also become famous where a celebrity can tweet before their show is going to be published on air.


It is right now very much in trend to promote any movie or new series through Twitter or any other social media. Likewise, before any movie or series gets its release in login/begin they like to spread the news by tweeting it on social media. Moreover, Disney also provides it as a new medium to tell customers about various spending plans and subscriptions discounts. In addition, Twitter has given these companies to promote their latest products as well.