Food Critic Decides To Eat Kebabs Instead Of Reviewing Salt Bae’s Restaurant


Turkish chef Nusret Gokce had achieved overnight stardom after a meme of him sprinkling salt on meat went viral. The chef has used his fame to create a chain of restaurants called ‘Nusr-Et’ at exotic locations across the world. The latest addition to this chain is a new eatery inaugurated in London on 23rd September 2021. Twitter users were left shocked to see the high prices of food items at the restaurant, with a single steak costing 630 pounds. When food critic Jay Rayner was asked to try the food at Salt Bae’s restaurant, he chose to do something different instead. Take a look at his tweet:

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The food critic Jay Rayner bought some takeaway kebabs and sat outside the Nusr-Et restaurant on a makeshift table to eat them. He shared his column and revealed the reason he chose to skip eating at Salt Bae’s restaurant. “I was never going to splash the @ObserverUK’s money on one of Salt Bae’s crass £800+ gold-leafed steaks. Instead, I got an £8.50 take away kebab, a really good one from Kebab Kid, and ate that outside while musing on the stupidity inside,” he wrote in his tweet.

He further elaborated in the article that gold-plated food literally “tastes of nothing”. “Weird as it may sound, I like my food to taste of something. Which is why I decide to get mine from Kebab Kid,” he said in the column. He went on to review the kebabs from the takeaway joint and what all he tried and recommended eating from there.

Jay Rayner’s post has garnered over 28.4k likes and thousands of retweets since the time it was shared. Users could resonate with the decision and how dishes at Salt Bae’s restaurant were extremely hyped-up and overpriced. A few argued otherwise, as they felt Salt Bae’s stardom was not without reason.

Take a look at the reactions:

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