Do Not Disturb Hina Khan As She Is “Enjoying” Her Meal In New York City


When in New York City, dive into the rich cuisine of the place the way Hina Khan does. The actress is in New York, and given her liking for food, it was only a matter of time for her to indulge in decadent dishes in the city. Hina loves to taste distinct flavours, especially while on vacation. She has proved this trait again by sharing photos of delicious platters on Instagram. We can see a plate of sliced chicken breast covered with what looks like pesto sauce. The dish also contains greens like kale and cilantro.

On another plate, we see pieces of fried chicken legs served with sauteed vegetables and shredded cheese. Hina captioned the image with a sticker that read, “Yumm”.


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In more snapshots, Hina Khan is seen diving straight into her plate. After all, who can resist such scrumptious dishes? Hina is seen eating off a plate of sauteed vegetables. She wrote in the caption, “Can’t think of anything else. Enjoying my meal.”


In another pair of photos, she is seen devouring a mouthful from the dish. She also looks into the camera to pout and pose with her plate of food. She wrote, “And I caught ya. How can I not pose?”


Foodies who are regularly keeping a tab on food-related posts on Instagram may have seen a slew of videos based on the “Oops I did it again” audio. The trend usually saw celebrities giving a shout-out to their favourite food. Despite the guilt trip that entailed such indulgence, Instagram users rooted for their favourite foods. But Hina Khan took the trend in a different way. She popped open a bottle of mineral water for this video. Read more about it here.

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Hina Khan’s close ones know about her love for good food. Given a chance to treat her to food, Hina’s friends and family are too glad to serve her delicious dishes. Once, her boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal cooked a hearty meal of dum aloo biryani for Hina. The actress shared a photo of the mouth-watering dish on Instagram. She captioned it, “My boy cooked dum aloo biryani for me yesterday. Love you to the moon and back Rocky Jaiswal.” Take a look at the biryani here.

What do you think of Hina Khan’s adventures with good food?


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