Create the best SEO Strategy


When it comes to digital marketing, there are a lot of terminologies that most people hear new such as SEO. This three letters terminology may surprise you if you had deeply understood its meaning and value in digital marketing. The word SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO has revolutionized online websites’ traffic and the business in digital marketing as a whole. This is an essential practice of every digital marketer. The SEO is made to improve the online traffic and ranking on the search engine results page. It has improved the use of certain qualitative principles and technical requirements in digital marketing. Aside from the quantity, the qualitative plays a big part too such as writing more content that will be using more links and using wider different terminology. This could affect the rank over time and will lead to a higher position from the result page.

When marketers think of the place where you are always on the top of it, it actually made a great change but always remember that success isn’t always be found on the top. Being popular is not enough, what important is to know your audience and try to provide the content, data, and overall service that they wanted. Minding these things, your audience as well will bring you to the top of the ranking. Here are some of the tips on building a really successful SEO.

Think of your audience first before any search engines

The Google algorithm gets clever every day as people make constant input on the said search engine that continues to better alignment of the topic. With that, try not to supply the bots of Google but for the audience and humans first. The ultimate priority here is to provide the audience with what they are looking for. This only happens when writing to be engaging and essentially spontaneous content.  Anybody can spot a keyword that’s been shoehorned in and stuffing is even more obvious. So, fit them in where it makes thought and provide driving keywords to upgrade your previously `      informative and relevant content.

Placing of the target keywords

The bedrock of the entire process of SEO is the keywords. It is impactful for the website to have clear and precise keywords. They are the key for the audience to meet the website. SEO dominates overall half of the online traffic aside from the social media platforms. All things start on the search engine where keywords will be the first place to be at and search. So make sure that the keywords used are all pertaining to the content of the website. Fit them naturally so as not to disrupt the readability of the copy.

Friendly-user experience

What makes the website real good and bad is depend on the experience of the user. There is nothing worse than having a site that is hard to navigate and will take more seconds just to open. In fact, the lower the performance of the website when it comes to the user experience, the least it is recommended. NO matter how beautiful or great your website is, well, it is not good for the audience to let them wait for more than three seconds of their busy lives. A website with such unwanted things as dead links, error pages, and messy site structures will all impact badly on all of the audiences. Not only do the users value a good experience and easy navigation, but this seamlessly helps Google’s crawlers scan your content and determine your search engine results page ranking. In order for the user to find your website friendly, make some headings short, easy to read paragraphs, tidy up your sub-folders, and optimize for the mobile users. All these things help your website to be good for the audience and improve SEO metrics, can improve your rankings, and generate better conversion overall. What your audience say or experience is much more important than anything else when we are on digital marketing. Because it is not google that will make the website successful but the experience that audiences get from the website.

Generating relevant links

Another aspect in building reputation or site authority is link building. These linkages not only bring audiences to the link to enhance their searching but of course, you can also reciprocal backlinks through outreach, and more. In addition, the link is made as a key ranking factor. Google or Bing bots discover the content by following links through to subsequent pages and judging how relevant they are to a search query. This is one of the tactics used in search engine optimization for it link is a signal to Google that your site is a quality resource worthy of citation. Therefore, sites with more backlinks tend to earn higher rankings.

Featured Snippets Format Content

Featured snippets are rich search results that appear as a box of content on search engine results pages. They are fields of information that you can see from the front of the page that attempt to provide answers related to the user’s query. They are usually on the top of the search engine results page below the paid advertisement and above the organic search result. They are the highlighted answer box. There are certain formatting and stylistic choices you can make to up your chances of landing a featured snippet. This could be with bullet points, numbers lists, info graphics, and answering questions-based searches directly just to name a few. Featured snippets are great for raising brand awareness and making the name popular.

Giving time to know Google Algorithm updates

It is important for the website owner to know the update of Google for it is one of the mediums on how the audience meets them. The core update and tweaks to the algorithm are constant and often unexpected, with sites either profiting or being penalized for how closely they follow the most recent update. The rankings and penalties are determined by a variety of factors which are accessibility, speed, excessive advertising, or spam content. However, it can always be avoided, there are several easy steps you can take to stay in touch. You have to subscribe to industry websites and forums to keep track of the updates. Google Analytics can be used to make sure to closely track your traffic and see updates that may have occurred. SEO is a great resemblance to today’s innovation. Understanding of the ways will make you be on the ranging success on digital marketing.