Bagundi’s Winter Menu Offers Authentic Andhra-Style Food In Delhi


There are only a few places in the capital that offers authentic South Indian food, and one of them is Bagundi. Placed right at the heart of the city, this Andhra Kitchen is nestled in a cosy spot of Connaught Places’ outer circle. This family-friendly restaurant offers traditional Andhra cuisine for food connoisseurs of Delhi NCR. The name of the restaurant, ‘Bagundi’, means good in Telegu and the restaurant’s purpose is to serve Andhra food in its most authentic form. So, if you have been curious about how Andhra cuisine tastes like, you don’t need to cross the city’s border, just drive down to Bagundi and try out their delicious menu.

The restaurant has created a special winter menu that takes on the seasonal flavours of Andhra Pradesh. We started off with gunter idli and chicken 65 for appetisers. The gunter idli is a soft and big idli covered in a red spicy powder called podi. The idli is soft and spicy, making it a delicious snack to warm yourself up in winters. Chicken 65 is another spicy snack straight from Andhra cuisine, this chicken dish is known for being hot and spicy!


Chicken 65


Gunter idli

For the main course, we went for gongura chicken, chicken chettinad, Andhra dal fry and Andhra mutton curry. The gongura chicken is a traditional chicken curry from Andhra, gongura leaves are tangy, giving the chicken a tangy and spicy kick. The chicken chettinad has the rich flavour of coconut and yoghurt, making it taste excellent with rice. People who are fans of dal will love Andhra dal fry for its earthy and spicy flavour. The Andhra mutton curry has spicy cocnut gravy that enhance the meat. Lastly, for dessert, go for the traditional South Indian kesari bhat, a sweet and velvety halwa made from sooji.

chicken chettinad

Chicken chettinad


Kesari bhat

The menu has been careful created to ensure that the essence of Andhra flavour can be tasted through its winter delicacies. If you are in Delhi and craving for South Indian food, then head to Bagundi.


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