Accelerating your executive search with premium executive recruitment software


    Head-hunters compete with their talented rivals to win skilled executives for their clients. And to fast-track this success, they must utilise what a great executive search software solution has to offer.

    Finding top talent is never easy but with the right recruiting tools, it becomes easier than ever before. The key is to be quick, consistent and focused on recruiting the best-qualified senior executives. That means investing lots of effort on candidate sourcing – active and passive executives.

    Talent sourcing the best executive candidates 

    When it comes to recruitment, it is all about sourcing the best candidates. This is regardless of the type of hiring a recruiter is doing – permanent recruitment, contract, temp or executive search.

    However, the difference in executive search compared to the other more traditional types of recruiting is that there is a lot more pressure to find not just skilled candidates but the best, high-performing ones. This need stems from the fact that head-hunters will want to oblige their client company’s demand for top talent in their most strategic and demanding roles.

    So, head-hunters and their talent acquisition teams must be proactive and extend their research outside the normal candidate sourcing routes. Seeking only active candidates no longer cut it in executive search. Now, head-hunters understand that there is a lot of value to be gained from taking the time to find, approach and engage passive executive candidates as well. This takes support from executive search software.

    Active candidates are hard to miss as they are completely involved in their job-hunting process and are very receptive to opportunities. It is easy to spot them. But senior executives and C-suite executives who are firmly entrenched in their current roles and not looking to change jobs are much harder to identify.

    Social media is typically where all professionals can be sought by recruiters. But in the case of senior executives, they are quite hard to pin down. Even if they have public social media profiles in networks like LinkedIn and Bloomberg, they might not very active or have updated information. They are also going to be inundated with messages and requests to connect professionally with hundreds of recruiters and industry people. It is very easy for head-hunters to lose any chance of reaching out to talented but passive executives in this way.

    To reiterate, that’s why using an AI-powered executive search software comes in handy and makes the task much more accessible and practical. Instead of wasting days trying to find new executive talent that matches the client’s requirements, taking advantage of this type of CRM software to simplify and streamline the candidate sourcing is much more effective.

    Ways in which executive search software improves executive recruitment

    • Identifies both active and passive executive candidates 

    • Quickly finds suitable executives from across different industries and locations

    • Provides a one-stop platform to store and access all candidate information easily

    • Boosts effective communication with candidates and clients

    • Helps keep executive candidates engaged throughout the hiring process

    In the journey to finding skilled executives that will help take the hiring company to new heights, head-hunters must exercise care and caution to find not simply a talented senior executive but also the best-qualified one.

    Hiring an executive who is most fitting for the role is significant. That’s why not just an experienced or talented c-suite executive will automatically interest the client. The recruitment process is also long drawn out so using the executive search software to keep the communication fresh, timely and quick is vital.