5 Best Budget-Friendly Toasters For Your Kitchen


Whether you are a morning person or not, you can never go wrong with toasts for breakfast. The crispy thin slices of bread make a perfect pair with almost anything. Spread some jam on it, use it as a sandwich, or pair it with scrambled eggs – toast remains one of the easiest and quickest items served in our breakfast menu. Gone are the days when we used to rely on lengthy and time taking processes to make toast; because now, you can make these crunchy bread slices in just a minute, thanks to the bread toasters. It not only saves your time and energy, but also delivers perfectly toasted and crunchy breads almost every single time. If you are thinking of getting a toaster to up your breakfast game, then this article is just for you.

Here, we bring you a list of five best budget-friendly toasters, available on Amazon. That’s not all. You can now avail each of these toasters with great discounts, thanks to the ongoing Great Indian Festival. So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at the toasters and get one for yourself.

Amazon Great Indian Festival 2021: 5 Best Budget Deals On Toasters:

Make crispy delicious toast with Cello’s 2 slice toaster every single morning. The sleek small unit provides reliable results while being a compact and useful addition to any kitchen counter, the two-slice toaster features a stunning red appearance for attractive everyday style. It has a convenient pop-out crumb tray at the bottom of the toaster which collects fallen crumbs that make it easy and safe to use. Also, the upper cover of the toaster is plated with aluminum for extra durability and easy maintenance.


  • Price – 1,149
  • Rating – 4.2/5 (Based on Amazon)
  • Capacity – 2 slices
  • Color – Red

41% off

The unique color of the toaster will make it stand out in your modern Indian kitchen. The integrated bun rack allows you to toast bread slices of many different varieties along with the bun rack that even lest you warm your buns, pastries, and rolls. It is equipped with an 8 browning setting meter that lest you toast bread exactly the way you like. It comes with dust covers to ensure hygiene and also has a cool wall exterior for better safety.


  • Price – 1,899
  • Rating – 4.5/5 (Based on Amazon)
  • Capacity – 2 slices
  • Color – Dessert green

9% off

Put an end to your daily breakfast struggles with this easy-to-use pigeon pop-up toaster. The product offers a variable browning control whether you want fully browned toast to eat with your morning cup of joe, medium browned toasts to make mouth-watering sandwiches, or mildly browned toasts to eat with Nutella, you can brown the bread slices as per your taste requirements, thanks to its 6-level browning control feature. The product is also equipped with an automatic popup option that gets your toast out as soon as they are done, it also has a shock-proof body and is ergonomically designed for ease of use and safety.


  • Price – 958
  • Rating – 4.1/5
  • Capacity – 2 slices
  • Color – White

38% off

The product comes with the seven settings mode to meet all your needs from lightly toasted to crisp dark brown bread. It has 4 integrated slots that can accommodate a variety of bread types, such as white bread, sandwich bread, etc. It is also equipped with an automatic pop-up function when the bread is done. The product also has a crumb tray that makes cleaning and usage extremely easy. The high lift lever function ensures the toast pops right out of the toaster and you save time and effort trying to get it out of the machine.


  • Price – 3,491
  • Rating – 4.2/5 (Based on Amazon)
  • Capacity – 4 slices
  • Color – Steel and red

36% off

The stainless body ensures a sturdy and durable product. It also comes with seven heat settings that let you make the toasts according to your preference. It comes with a heat-resistant body that does not heat up; hence you can handle it with ease. This toaster from Havells comes with a high lift lever that can help you easily fetch the toasts after they are done. The slots can fit 4 slices together making it a perfect toaster for a complete breakfast option.


  • Price – 2,318
  • Rating – 4.2/5
  • Color – Black
  • Capacity – 4 slices

30% off

There you have it, choose from these 5 best budget toasters that are available on sale on Amazon. Hurry up, grab them while the Great Indian Festival Sale lasts.

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