World Vegetarian Day 2021: 7 Protein-Rich Vegetarian Recipes That Will Help You Lose Weight


World Vegetarian Day is observed every year on October 1. And, over the years a large number of people have begun shifting to a vegetarian food regime given that it is believed to be more sustainable. However, one of the major concerns about a vegetarian diet is that it does not provide all the necessary nutrients, such as protein, to the body. Nothing can be farther from the truth. There are some really great sources of protein for vegetarians out there and to beat the monotony of having the same recipes, all you have to do is think out of the box. On the occasion of World Vegetarian Day, we have curated a list of seven recipes that are not only protein-rich but are also yummy! And the best part? They can be seamlessly integrated into your weight loss diet as well.

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Rajma chawla is a delicious comfort food.

1. Kashmiri Rajma

Rajma, also known as kidney beans, is a great source of protein. Kashmiri rajma curry can be one of the most delicious ways to consume protein if you are a vegetarian. Prepare this spicy dish with Kashmiri garam masala and other Indian spices.

2. Palak Bhurji

You can have palak (spinach) and help yourself shed a few pounds while getting a good dose of protein. Spinach is one of the most protein-rich foods out there and you can savour it in the most delectable way possible with this palak burji recipe. 


Paneer do pyaza tastes yummy with roti.

3. Paneer Do Pyaza

If you are a vegetarian, you can’t miss out on paneer delicacies. It’s nice to have a low-fat cow milk paneer if you want to lose weight. Throw chopped paneer in tomato gravy and cook it on low flame. Serve it hot with a bread of your choice.  

4. Hara Chana Masala

Chana has a lot of protein and fibre content, which ultimately plays an important role in your weight loss journey. Hara chana masala can be the best choice if you want to devour something that is easy to cook. Garnish your bowl of curry with coriander leaves.


Dosa is a healthy breakfast recipe.

5. Kuttu Ka Dosa

Kuttu ka dosa, made with buckwheat flour, is another easy recipe waiting for your attention. Best part? You can cook it in little to no oil.

6. Keto Theplas

These yummy and healthy keto item is prepared using flaxseed dough and dried methi water. This could be your go-to breakfast option any day. 

7. Sprouted Moong Dal Kebab

We know that sprouted moong dal has a lot of protein and fibre content. Make a soft dough using sprouted moong and add a host of other spices. Then, give it a shape of your choice and shallow-fry. You can bake it as well if that is your preference.

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So what are you planning to cook this World Vegetarian Day?


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