Penile Melanosis : What Are Pearly Penile Papules?

Penile Melanosis

Penile Melanosis : What Are Pearly Penile Papules

Penile melanosis is typically an uninvolved or benign condition. It is characterized by tiny areas of skin that are dark that appear on the penis. The change in color is also known as hyperpigmentation that happens because melanin (brown pigment) develops on the surface of the skin.

Penile melanosis can also be referred to as penile thetiginosis. Lesions or spots that appear on darker skin could form on the shaft or head that is the part of your penis. The condition is usually benign and doesn’t require any treatment. It’s also not contagious.

What is the signs that are associated with the penile melanosis?

In addition to these dark spots (also called macules) There are no signs of health that are that are associated with penile melanosis. The most prominent indications are macules. They include:

  • typically black or brown
  • less than a centimeter in length
  • They are present between 15 to age 72 between 15 and 72, but they may be present at any time
  • The pain is minimal and it is unlikely to cause bleeding or changes with time

A person with this condition could be suffering from only one dark spot, or several spots. It is impossible to determine the number of macules, if there are any.

In some cases it is believed that penile melanosis may be associated with Trusted Source the condition known as lichen the sclerosus. It’s characterized by the thinness of hair on the penis as well as the appearance of white spots on the head of the penis or the foreskin.

The use of topical medication is sometimes sufficient to cure the condition of lichen Sclerosus that is thought to be the result of the imbalance of hormones or an unbalanced immune system.

Topical steroids and other medicines aren’t able to alter the color changes caused by penile melanosis. Lichen sclerosus can be found on the front of the skin of uncircumcised males. Removal of the skin on the foreskin may be often necessary to treat the condition.

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What can be the risk factors and causes for the condition?

It’s not known why certain individuals suffer from penile melanosis while others do not. Macules are merely accumulation of concentrated levels of melanin and other pigmentary deposits like hemosiderin and lipsofuscin on the skin.

One study indicates that genetic makeup and race may contribute to the chance of developing the disease.

Other possible causes include injuries to the penis, therapy with the medicine anthralin, or psoralen or the ultraviolet (PUVA) therapy that can be used for treating skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and various skin disorders.

Penile melanosis doesn’t represent a sexually transmitted illness and, in actual fact, it’s not any type of infection.

What is the options for treating melanosis penile?

In general it is not necessary to undergo treatment or suggested for penile melanosis. For some, just receiving a reassurance from their physician regarding the non-injurious characteristic of their condition can be useful. It’s for instance, it’s crucial to be aware that the disease is not contagious and it’s not contagious.

Removal options

If you are concerned about the appearance of penis macules and thigh, you could be an ideal candidate for the surgery to remove the lesion. The procedure involves elimination of skin layers that contains the pigment that is not needed as well as the grafting of skin and refining the skin to give it the desired appearance and thickness.

Laser therapy to eliminate the toxins could also be an option. The kind of laser used is a Q-switched Ruby laser, which makes use of synthetic rubies and emits short, concentrated laser pulses.

It’s a typical treatment for dermatological problems related to pigment. A number of sessions are required to completely eliminate lesions.

The procedure can leave tiny scratches, however they’re generally secure and won’t impact the health or performance that the penis performs. Be sure to talk about the potential risks and benefits of these procedures prior to committing to a treatment program.

Do you know of a way to prevent melanosis of the penile?

There’s no method to stop melanosis penile. It’s a sporadic condition. However, your doctor must keep a continuous photo record of your macules in order to look for change in shape or size as time passes. While unlikely, these changes could indicate melanoma, an extremely dangerous type of skin cancer.

Are there any complications?

There are no physical problems related to penile melanosis. It can cause anxiety and anxiety however. If your reactions become serious, it is recommended to engage in a lengthy discussion with your doctor regarding your concerns and options for treatment.

What’s the future?

Since penile melanosis is a non-cancerous disorder which means its prospects are positive. Although there isn’t any direct evidence to suggest that penile melanosis could be an early indicator of melanomas but it could cause anxiety.

The more you are aware of penile melanosis and discuss it with your dermatologist , the comfortable you’ll feel about this benign condition.

What Are Pearly Penile Papules?

Pearly penile papules also known as hirsutoid paillomas are skin-colored, small bumps that develop around the penis’s head. While they might seem scary however, they’re harmless and can fade in appearance with age.

A papule can be described as a raised pimple-like growth found on the skin, which does not cause pus. The condition can be seen in between 8 and 43 % of males. The papules typically appear following puberty and are more prevalent in males who are not circumcised. They can also be found on any male.


The papules of the penile don’t cause any discomfort When they begin to develop they do not spread or change in shape or size. They’re not contagious nor painful. Hirsutoid tumors can be distinguished by a variety of characteristics:

  • They’re silky smooth.
  • They appear like tiny threads or bumps.
  • They range from between 1 and 4 millimeters width.
  • They are arranged in two or three rows around the penis glans (the penis’s head that is rounded). penis).

Other similar conditions exist similar to Fordyce spots. These are also benign papules. They are not able to appear in two or three rows along the top of the penis glans, Fordyce spots can appear scattered and appear as a single hundred or more bumps.

If you notice any bumps, discolorations, or any other strange appearance around or on the genitals of your partner, visit your doctor for an accurate diagnosis. Certain changes, like the pearly penile papules are not a problem. However, any change may create anxiety, so do not hesitate to have your body checked. A Urologist is a physician who is specialized in the health of male reproductive organs as well as in ailments that affect the female or male urinary system. However, seeing your primary physician is often the best first step.


Penile papules that appear pearly are often believed to be a sign of an sexually transmitted infection as well as a lack of hygiene. The condition doesn’t seem to have an external cause. It’s not the result from an illness or any other causes. The bumps aren’t premalignant or malignant.

It is believed that the American Urological Association suggests that the papules could result from man’s embryonic development within the womb. Although the exact cause of the condition is not known medical experts are of the opinion that these papules on the penile are a normal anatomical condition.


When the papules with pearly whites are identified it is not necessary to treat them. The diagnosis is typically determined by looking at their appearance. It should not be difficult to differentiate pearly penile papules from the other skin problems, like warts caused by viruses. If there’s any reason to believe that the bumps might pose an issue, some of the tissue could be biopsy-tested to determine if the condition is a concern.

While no treatment is medically needed, there are some treatments available for hirsutoid tumors. If the condition causes a lot of mental distress, there are choices.

  • Carbon dioxide laser surgery The precise carbon dioxide lasers generate infrared light that dissolves papules. The procedure is usually secure and efficient.
  • The radiation that is targeted produces free radicals. They are a type of molecule that could harm healthy cells. Free radicals damage the cells in the papules and cause them to disappear. Although accurate, radiosurgery isn’t as precise or efficient than laser surgery using carbon dioxide.
  • Cryosurgery The procedure makes use of the extreme freezing of papules and cause them to disappear.
  • Surgery for excision A surgeon uses traditional instruments, like scalpel, to eliminate each papule one at a time. This method has a higher chance than other methods to result in scarring.

Every surgical procedure comes with potential risks and advantages. Before undertaking any procedure ensure that you have an understanding of the procedure involved and how your recovery will be similar to.

It is possible to use ointments for topical application that are available over the counter or DIY remedies like rubbing papules using toothpaste or lemon juice. Before trying any of these remedies discuss with your doctor.


There is no way to avoid the appearance of pearly penile papules. They’re not caused through any lifestyle choices you make. Although they’re more prevalent in men who don’t have circumcision however, there’s no assurance that circumcision will stop the bumps from forming one day.


The papules of the penile aren’t likely to interfere with your health or impact things like sexual activity. As you age your papules may disappear.

If you are feeling the necessity to investigate methods to eliminate the symptoms, speak to an urologist. Also, if you notice any other changes in your penis or other symptoms like painful urinary tract or Erectile dysfunction consult an doctor. These changes aren’t likely be connected to the appearance of your penile papules. However it’s crucial to be aware with regards to any health concern, even one that is difficult to talk about at first.


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