Watch: How To Make Bajre Ki Roti Like A Pro – Step-By-Step Recipe Video


Roti is an integral part of our daily diet and there’s no denying to it. Whether you pair it with sabzi and dal or with just some achar – it makes for a fulfilling meal in just no time. And what fascinates us the most is the fact that there are different versions of a humble roti available across the country. Besides the most popular chapatti (atta roti), you get khoba roti of Rajasthan, ragi roti of Karnataka and more. Another such popular variation is bajra roti or bajra bhakri. This style of roti is most popular in Rajasthan and tastes the best when served with gatte ki sabzi, ker sangria et al. Bajra roti is made with bajra (millet) flour and can be considered fulfilling to core. Besides, it also loads you up with several essential nutrients including energy, fibre and several essential minerals, thanks to the super-healthy bajra. According to consultant nutritionist Rupali Datta, “Bajra is vegan, gluten-free and makes for a perfect addition to your weight loss diet and diabetes management diet.” That’s not all. Bajra is loaded with magnesium, which can help manage cholesterol level and promote heart health.

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Bajra Roti Recipe: How To Make Bajra Roti:

Let’s agree – making a perfectly round roti is not as easy as it seems. Making roti can be quite a task for the ones who just started out their cooking endeavor in the kitchen. And with bajra roti, the difficulty level can go a notch higher. This is why we thought of breaking down the process for you. We bring a fool-proof recipe that can help you prepare bajra roti like a pro, every single time. Let’s take a look.

For making bajra roti, first we need to keep all the ingredients handy. Here we are using one cup bajra atta, one-fourth cup wheat atta, warm water, half teaspoon salt and one teaspoon ghee.

Step 1. Take bajra and wheat atta in the same bowl.

Step 2. Add salt to it and dry mix everything well.

Step 3. Slowly add warm water to it and knead until you get soft dough.

Step 4. Cut small roundels from the dough and press it well to get a perfectly round roti.

Step 5. Toast the roti on tawa and add ghee on both the sides.

And a perfectly textured bajra roti is ready in no time. Serve it hot with some sabzi, gud and achar and enjoy a wholesome meal anytime of the day.

Watch the step-by-step recipe video of bajra roti in the header.

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