Watch: Chef Kunal Kapoor Shows How To Fry Onions Perfectly For Biryani And Pulao


Onions are versatile. They can be used to prepare a dense gravy, eaten raw and also used in biryani and pulao. Though chopping them makes us cry, the flavour they add to our dishes compensate for all the tears. But onions require delicate handling. Many authors, including the American food writer and campaigner Michael Pollan, have written and spoken about why onions need the patience to cook. A lack of patience can compromise the flavour onions add to our dishes, they say. But what is the trick to preserving the essence of onion while preparing, say, biryani or pulao? To answer this question, celebrity chef Kunal Kapoor has uploaded a video tutorial on Instagram. Here is his “super-easy way” to perfectly fry onions without burning them.

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First, peel off the skin and cut them into finely chopped slices. Throw them gently in hot oil in a pan or kadhai. When they turn brownish, remove them from the pan. Take out the residue oil using a stainless steel liquid filter and by spreading the fried onion slices on tissue paper. And, the onions are ready to use in biryani or pulao.

Onions have multiple health benefits as well. This humble vegetable is particularly high in vitamin C, which regulates immune health and also acts as a powerful antioxidant to protect us against inflammation and free radicals in the body. They keep us warm during winters, have healing properties, boosts the immune system and protects the teeth.


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