Vishal Dadlani Had A ‘Tough Job’ Of Finishing This Gujarati Feast, Guess Who Helped Him?


Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of some of our favorite reality singing and dancing shows? While the contestants from different corners of the country showcase their spell-binding talent, the multi-talented judges entice us with some of their performances as well. But what is the scene like when the cameras are not rolling? If you’ve ever had this thought in your mind, Vishal Dadlani’s recent Instagram post has all the answers you are looking for. The singer-composer shared some snippets from the sets of the singing reality show that he is judging, and we immediately wanted to be on the other end of the screen seeing all that deliciousness.

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It seems it was Gujarati food appreciation day on the sets, because what awaited the judges was not just a plate of Gujarati snacks but a line-up of some of the best Gujarati foods there are. Starting from the front, one can see thepla with pickles, juicy and glossy khandvi, the famous Gujarati patra, the signature dhokla, and plates of khakra and ganthiya towards the far end. These Gujarati snacks were accompanied by rice dishes and a heap of sugary syrupy jalebi to finish it all off.

Vishal wrote in the caption of the post, “It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it,” with laughing emojis, and further added, “Shankar Mahadevan and I ate well, but of course, Himesh Reshammiya ne haath oopar kar liye,” meaning Himesh was the one to give up the on the food. Look at the drool-worthy spread here:

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