Viral Video: Kid Tries Cola For The First Time; Reaction Is Too Cute To Handle


Let’s agree, social media never fails to amuse us. It is a storehouse of content that is engaging, entertaining and gives us access to the whole world. Every day, we get to see different types of content from across the world. From the personal life of your favourite celebrity to several important pieces of information – we get to find it all. And then, there are adorable pet and baby videos that melt our hearts in just no time. Their innocent antics and cute expressions grab our attention and make us smile. Some of these cute videos also go viral, garnering millions of views, likes and comments. One such video we recently came across was of a toddler, who was tasted a soft drink for the first time. What made it yet more adorable was her epic reaction after trying the drink. The video was shared by Twitter from an account named Buitengebieden.

As per the 15-second video, the kid seemed to have accompanied her parents to a McDonald’s outlet, where she tried a glass of Coca-Cola for the first time. After taking a sip, she was taken aback by the fizziness of the drink. After a while, when she realised the taste, the kid went back to take another sip.

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Take a look at the Twitter post:

Isn’t it adorable? The tweet went viral in no time, garnering more than 423k views, 14.9k likes and hundreds of comments. While some people on Twitter found this video “super cute”, some raised concerns about her trying aerated drinks.

“Seriously! The fact that she went back for the straw… it’s instant addiction,” wrote one. Another person commented, “Little girl shouldn’t be trying Coke.”

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