Viral Video: Jaipur Street Vendor Makes Mirinda Gol Gappe; Leaves Internet In A Fury


India is a land of various cultures but what binds us all together are the culinary experiences that we have in every state. With tons of dishes offered by different regions, we can never get enough of those flavours. Plus, with the advent of food bloggers and enthusiasts, we come across tons of recipes that we might not have even heard about! But as one discovers various indulgences from around the country, we see many bizarre food combinations as well. From Oreo pakoda, chocolate Maggi, Kacha mango drink to momos paratha- all these things may leave surprised. But this time around, a weird combination that left many people angry was ‘Mirinda Gol Gappa.’

We all have seen gol gappas filled with boiled potatoes, chana, chopped onions and the delicious khata meetha paani that makes us drool. However, a street vendor decided to change the classic fillings and fill the gol gappas with an aerated drink.

In a video uploaded by Instagram user @chatore_broothers, we see a street vendor making Mirinda gol gappas. The video starts with the street vendor shaking a bottle of Mirinda cold drink then adding it to a large container. Finally, he fills the puris with aloo stuffing and pours in the Mirinda to serve it. According to @chatore_broothers, these gol gappas are from Jaipur. Take a look at the video here:

Ever since the video was uploaded, it has garnered 2.9 million views, 124k views and several comments. One user wrote, “Don’t tell me you paid for this.” Another user said, “People have made a joke out of our regular foods to experiment with them.” While another user said, “This has ruined my mood.”

Many people have also called this combination as “non-sense” and questioned if these bizarre experiments would ever stop or not; some were also furious about it.

What do you think about these Mirinda Gol Gappas? Would you try them? Let us know in the comments below!


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