Viral Video: Delhi Eatery Makes Bizarre Fruit Dosa, Divides Internet


Dosa is one dish that is loved across the country. Whether it’s a simple Ghee Roast Dosa or a Mysore Masala Dosa, there are so many dosa recipes to choose from. Recently, we have seen how street food vendors have been experimenting with the Dosa flavours and fillings to treat the tastebuds to something new. A restaurant in Madurai, for instance, came up with a bizarre Black Charcoal dosa which surprised its customers. And now, a Delhi-based street food seller has concocted a bizarre Masala Dosa with a filling of fruits! Take a look at the video which has gone viral:   

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Shared on Instagram by @oye.foodieee, the video has received over 2.5 million views and 130k likes. “Ever tried fire fruits dosa,” read the caption to the viral clip. The location of the video was Ayyer Ji Dosa Wale in Geeta Colony in Delhi.

In the making of the Fruit Dosa, first, the chef spreads the Dosa batter onto a heated tawa. Once the Dosa starts to cook, he brushes some butter on top to make it golden-brown and crisp. Then, he starts the process of making the Fruit masala with a variety of chopped fruits. We could spot apple, banana, grapes and chopped dry fruits as well. The Masala was finished off with some Paneer pieces and assorted sauces. A sprinkling of cheese and some candied fruits, and the Fruit Dosa was ready!

Instagram users remained divided about the bizarre Fruit dosa. Some users thought it was an interesting recipe and wanted to try it. “Awesome” and “Amazing” wrote people in the comments section. Others wondered why the humble Dosa recipe was tampered with in the first place.

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