Viral Recipe: This Rice Ball Has Amazed The Internet With Its Look (Watch Video)


It is no secret that we love trying delicious food. What pulls us towards these food items is their taste, aroma, flavours, and sometimes, their looks too. It is normal to be drawn to a unique looking dish rather the bland ones, and it all pays off if it tastes as good as it looks. Rice balls, as we know them are easy and healthy snacks that we might have devoured many a times. These balls are usually steamed and have a delicious filling inside them; they are quick to make and require fairly simple ingredients. However, in a recent video shared by an Instagram page, the humble rice balls have been transformed into an object of amusement. The unique look of these rice balls is garnering praises and love from anyone who lays an eye on them.


In this Instagram video shared by @foodie_gujarati11, we can see the recipe for the now-viral rice balls. What makes it stand out from other rice ball recipes is that the final product looks like no other! The rice balls have spiked rice as the outer layer and are made by the stuffing of a yummy potato filling on the inside. The video has garnered over 5.2 million views, 272k likes and 890 comments. Look at the video here:

Every single one of the people who have commented on the video remarked about the shape of the rice balls. From amusement to love, the video has been showered with countless praises. Many commented on how creative the recipe was, whilst many thought the final product was too adorable to bite into.

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One comment read ‘First time mujhe laga ke jasmine ka flower hai, really amazing yaar’ (At first look I thought it was jasmine flower, really amazing). While the other one read ‘Looks so cute’. Out of the 890 comments, the maximum of them read a simple ‘wow’ praising how beautiful the rice balls looked.

Some even pointed out that it looks the covid-19 particles, given its spherical design and rice spikes. And many were happy that this intriguing dish is steamed, making it much healthier than the other street foods that are fried in tons of oil.

What are your thoughts about this rice ball? And would you like to give this recipe a try? Let us know in the comments below.


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