Top 6 Batch File Renaming Software for Mac Users

File Renaming Software

Organizing and managing videos, photos, contacts, documents, and more can be daunting and painstaking. If you have a lot of folders and files stored on your Mac system, it may take you many hours to get them sorted, especially if you need to rename them. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend your precious hours remaining files individually because you can use batch file renaming programs to ease the process. Since many batch file renaming software is available, it might not be easy to decide the best one for your needs.

Below, you’ll find a curated list of some of the top Mac batch file renamer programs that are ideal for you. Installing any one of these programs on your system will help you to organize your files and folders effortlessly. So, let’s get started.

Renamer 6

Renamer is a good software for renaming files in bulk. It is a well-designed, sleek app compatible with macOS Mojave and higher versions. The app has powerful features for renaming files in bulk, allowing users to change the names of the files by pressing a single button. Some of the standout features of this app are converting the file names into lower and upper capital letters, replacing and finding text, creating folder names, and changing file extensions.

Besides these, the app has an intuitive interface and is made with the user’s ease in mind. After installing this software on your Mac, you can quickly get the hang of it.


Thanks to Transnomino, users can quickly change the names of the files according to their needs. The entire process is completed quickly and without much effort. The software even comes with the option to allow users to insert numerals at the end and start of the title. The software can also help you add attributes to the names of the files, such as the date when the file was created, EXIF data ID3, and other details. The format is going to be pre-set as per the user so that you can alter or delete the date as per the way you prefer them. The notable features of this application are its user-friendly interface, which allows users to quickly change the file names and add attributes to the files. So, if you need to provide additional details to your files so that they’re easily identifiable, you can opt to install this software.


NameChanger is one of the most popular programs for helping users rename multiple files at once. It is an excellent tool with a simple drag and drop feature. So, users have to drag the files and drop them into the app. Then, you have to set your criteria. Some criteria that you can choose from are Replace All Occurrences with, Replace Last Occurrence with, Replace First occurrence with, Character Removal, Wildcard, etc. The software supports macOS Lion and later.


ExifRenamer is another excellent batch file renamer tool for Mac systems. The tool helps to automatically change the names of the files that have been recently downloaded or added. The software can work without human intervention. You can use this software to add a data source, add date or time to the file names, add suffixes and prefixes to the original file names, etc. Other notable features of this tool are destination folder creation, customizable naming styles, file preview, etc.


vRenamer is one of the most sought-after, fully-featured batch file renaming software liked by both novices and experienced Mac users. You can use this tool to organize thousands of files and folders simultaneously. The tool’s interface is intuitive and user-friendly. It allows users to navigate easily and perform the desired operations. You can drag and drop the files or entire folders to change their names. You can even rename items from a CSV or Txt list. It is possible to preview the files before renaming them, and you can rename files using picture metadata. The product is easy to use and offers more than meets the eye.


F2Utility is a tool that offers user-friendly features and helps you rename files in bulk. You can easily use this software to create a new name, trim, edit, or do anything you want. You must drag the files and drop them in the program to rename. Some of the software’s primary features are adding prefixes and suffixes to the names, suggesting which files need to be renamed, the program using regular strings or regex to rename, etc.

The bottom line

Now you know the popular batch file renamer software for Mac systems. You need to compare them and select the one that perfectly suits your needs. These programs will help to make your life easier as you can quickly rename files in bulk and save your precious time.