Tips for Cracking LRDI Section in CAT 2021

Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR) is a section to test you. This section basically tests a candidate’s capability of solving logic based questions as quickly as possible and how well can a candidate interpret data. LRDI section is usually the most time consuming section in CAT exams. To get through with the CAT 2021 LRDI questions, candidates need to have a proper strategy.

The Common Admission Test (CAT) for 2021 is scheduled for 28 November 2021 and will be conducted in 3 shifts of 2 hours each.The CAT 2021 is a National Level MBA Entrance exam that is taken by 2 lac+ candidates every year out of which only a few thousand candidates get admission to their dream B-School. The CAT LRDI section could be very scoring if prepared aptly.

Details About the LRDI section of CAT

LRDI section is there to test the capability of candidates to solve logic based questions and interpret data from tables/charts/graphs etc in the least possible time. The LRDI section of CAT 2021 is expected to be a difficult one amongst all three sections. The questions asked in the LRDI section basically test you for your speed to answer logical questions correctly. Thus you need to have a good practise of questions from this section so that you achieve the skill to answer as quickly and as correctly as possible. If you are looking to know How long does an MOT take and preparing for this exam you should learn this.

Preparation Tips for CAT LRDI

LRDI section questions are tough and are never that easy to solve. They are also time consuming which makes them even tougher. However, if you have a good amount of practise, you can beat it well. To have a good hand at LRDI questions of CAT 2021, here is a set of tips you must follow:

  • The DI section has question that tests your ability to derive a conclusion from a set of data
  • However, the questions from LR section tests you for your ability to think logically
  • The best tip to crack this section is to be good at mental calculations. This can only be done through lots and lots of practise. You must learn tables till 20, squares and cubes till 30 to be a step ahead of others
  • Practising mental games like puzzles, sudoku etc will definitely be of great help
  • Solve previous year papers, mock tests and gather study material from the best source available on the internet
  • Start solving basic level of questions and then increase the difficulty level of those topics. This will help you solve questions of all difficulty level with ease
  • It is very essential to time your mock test. This will only help you enhance your speed and accuracy of solving questions from LRDI section of CAT
  • It is very important to attempt questions with a peaceful mind. Hurrying to attempt all questions will only create a mess for you
  • Avoid picking up any new topic in the last 10 days before the exam

LRDI Syllabus for CAT 2021

As of now, there is NO official syllabus announced by the CAT authorities for the CAT 2021. However, just by looking at the previous year trend, we have identified few topics listed below which you may use for your reference as the LRDI syllabus for CAT 2021

Logical Reasoning

Team Formation Arrangements
Order and Ranking Binary Logics
Games and Tournaments

Data Interpretation

Tables Line Chart
Venn Diagram Pie Chart
Scatter Plot Radar Chart
Column Graph Bar Graph
Routes and Network Bubble Chart
Data Caselets – Reasoning Based DI

Preparation Plan for LRDI Section of CAT 2021

There is no substitute for hard work. The more and more you practise, the better will be your skill to solve questions from that topic. The LRDI section demands you to have a logical mindset and interpret data in the best possible manner. Having a good hand at the LRDI section is not a one day thing, it requires time and lots of effort. Here are some tips that will prepare you well for the LRDI section of CAT 2021:

  • Practise as many questions as you can.
  • Solve previous year papers, mock tests etc.
  • Time yourself while solving questions from the LRDI section
  • Start having a logical approach towards solving questions.
  • Develop a habit of reading
  • Try to stay focused while reading, your inference will be based completely on what you have read and understood.