The Chaunk Brings To You The Finest Bihari Cuisine In Delhi NCR


Delhi is one of the Indian cities that has the highest in-migrants numbers from across the country. While people from across the country leave their hometowns and migrate to Delhi, the city not only welcomes them with an open heart but also adapts to the growing population of migrants of a state in more ways than one. In the past few decades, the city has opened various eateries to make the migrants feel at home. Bihari cuisine is one of the most popular ones among Delhiites, but you will not find enough restaurants serving authentic Bihari cuisine in the city. To much surprise, we found one new restaurant that serves authentic Bihari food and drinks.

Situated in the very vibrant sub-city of Delhi NCR – Gurgaon, The Chaunk brings to you the finest Bihari cuisine in the city. Owing to the high migration rates of people from Bihar, the restaurant is always buzzy and is notoriously famous for its authentic chutneys and for its littis that will just melt in your mouth.

Litti Choka may be the crown jewel of Bihari cuisine, but that’s not the only delicacy the East Indian state has to offer. With Nepal on top, Jharkhand to its right and Uttar Pradesh to its left, Bihar is a fairly large state with a majority of vegetarians and few meat and fish eaters. We started off with Ghugni Mudhi, Kala chana chaat, Chura Matar and Jhalmuri. While Ghugni Mudhi was an interesting mix of kala chana, spices and puffed rice, Chura Matar stood out and ignited our appetite.

In the main course, we ordered Champaran Meat, Chicken Curry, Litti Chokha with Mutton Curry and Aloo Bhujia. For breads, we straight away went for Sattu Paratha and Tawa Rotis. Champaran mutton is a traditional delicacy from Bihar that is cooked in earthen pots or matka on dum style. The mutton, intermixed with spices, is then cooked on low heat. The steam inside make the mutton robust and decadent! In other words, Champaran Mutton was as delicious as it sounds. Not just that, the chicken curry was quite comforting and bursting with flavours. I would like to order it again when I am there next. Litti Choka with mutton curry was an absolute delight too. While littis were a little dry and harder than usual, chokha was bursting with flavours. The house-made beverages are a good try too if you like experimenting with traditional flavours. Sattu ka sherbet and neembu chai were liked the most by our table.


In desserts, we picked rice kheer and malpua. My vote goes to the rice kheer – light kheer with some dry fruits on the top was an absolute delight.


Where: D-145A, Near Mayom Hospital, South City 1, Gurgaon

Price for two: Rs. 250 (approximately)


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