The Best Tips To Start Your Successful ICO Platform in 2022!

Successful ICO Platform
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Do you know what an ICO is? Well, ICOs are a great and populous way for startups to raise funds via blockchain projects. You might know that in 2019, more than $4 Billion was raised from ICO and this is estimated to rise in the coming years as well. It can be seen that ICO and Blockchain are here to stay and that too for quite a long time. 

It is an unregulated way of raising funds for various cryptocurrencies. To be precise, it is a crowd-sale where institutions put forward cryptocurrencies intending to attract as many participants to create more funds. If you are one of those who is planning to launch an ICO, then we have some tips to share with you. Let’s start reviewing them in a little detail. 

The Best 8 Tips To Launch a Credible ICO platform!

For the launching of a successful and reliable ICO platform, it is important to adopt some great tips that will assist you in achieving that. Have a look at it. 

Build a Great Team– This goes without saying that a successful ICO is the result of a professional team devoted to your project who have the necessary knowledge and skills to launch that. It is important to have a team that is highly qualified, interested in blockchain & ICO, and are committed to their clients. Besides that, do provide the resumes of your entire team with their social media accounts so that interested people can know more about your team and put their trust in your ICO. 

Activate All Your Social Media Channels– Social media accounts are the most vital part of digital marketing nowadays, isn’t it? Your ICO must be promoted and published on various social media accounts such as Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, and more. You can also promote them on crypto-based channels such as Bitcointalk or Reddit. This will eventually result in your project and business expansion so that people can see & learn more about it. 

Emphasize On Your Goals– Be it any project for any company, there would be a suite of goals and requirements. If you launch an ICO, you will have to explain more about the project and its goals. This can be achieved through a whitepaper or a well-crafted roadmap. Talking about these two, a whitepaper is the one that contains problems, solutions, goals, objectives, and plans of the project. Whereas a roadmap is the one that explains the timeline of ICOs activities, starting from project development to launching, and every stage of the project is also mentioned there. 

Draft a Pricing Plan– You might know that your ICO plan will ultimately depend on your end goals and expectations. Let’s have a look at some tips for drafting a good & reliable pricing plan. 

  • Undetermined Price– Here, the price is not determined yet and the investors win on some amount of tokens for their ICO contribution. 
  • Fixed Price– As the name says, the cost is fixed and participants buy tokens, however, they are allowed to trade them only after a freezing period. 
  • Dutch Auction– First tokens are the most costly and the price declines over the investment time frame. 
  • Price Rise ICO– In this, participants get the best possible price for the tokens. 

Write and Publish FAQ and Help Center– It is compulsory to have a comprehensive FAQ or a help centre when you start an ICO and make it visible for everyone to see. Following that, link it to your website and social media channels. This way it will be easier and better for you and the client to understand. 

Go For Pre-Launch Of The Project– yes, you saw that right. You will have to test your system before you think of stepping into the world of ICO and Blockchain. You will have to ensure that the website, whitepaper, emails, social media channels, and designs, everything is in place. Be ready to deal with every small bug and face the biggest of problems. 

Prove Your Stance– You can lose many potential investors if you fail to prove your statements through a real and working product with lead users. You must learn to present your goals and develop the product before launching an ICO. This tip can be extremely beneficial for having a credible ICO that attracts the attention of big participants. Through ICO, companies can create their products and raise funds in a short period.  

Run a Presale– Presale is a process that takes place before ICO even starts, this allows participants to buy tokens. This is a new phenomenon that shows a positive impact on ICOs as participants often win bonuses, fewer costs per token, and direct involvement in the project. As time goes by, there is more emphasis on presale and it is often preferable for your ICO to have a presale phase.  

How Can Webcom Systems Help You In ICO Development?

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