Should everyone invest in Health Insurance?

Health Insurance

Many times, one feels confused regarding whether they need health insurance or not. Queries like is it mandatory or not, pop in one’s head, making it harder to make a choice. To clear the speculations first, it must be known that health insurance is not mandatory. However, if you can afford it, then you must consult with a good health insurance provider and get a plan for yourself and your family.

However, if you reside in California, New Jersey, Vermont, Rhode Island and Massachusetts, then you need to check with your legal authorities as these states are working towards making health insurance mandatory for everyone who can afford it.

Reasons to Invest in Health Insurance:

We all have heard the famous saying, health is wealth.

But the chaos and stress of daily life has made it pretty hard to manage our health smartly. This puts us all at risk of health issues, like obesity, cardiac dilemmas and much more. This is why, whether health insurance is necessary or not, it must be taken seriously.

1.  When to buy health insurance?

Always invest in health insurance in the early ages. Why? This brings you a good amount of coverage and you can pay the premium on time as well. Do not judge the healthcare costs and your current health situation whilst buying a plan. In the coming years the prices will only go up and with time, your health can deteriorate. Thus, buy a plan that brings good coverage for your future. The best time to invest in a health insurance plan is before you enter your 30’s.

2.  To Safeguard yourself and your family:

The biggest reason to invest in health insurance is to fight uncertain times. Illness never knocks before arriving. From your regular checkups to follow ups, everything can be managed seamlessly with the help of health insurance. Most importantly, it helps you manage your financial burden during an incident. You can get your coverage in case of an accident. And God Forbid if you pass away, your family will get the money to fight with the sudden, uncertain times. Thus, it has a handful of perks that make it a good investment.

3.  Secure your Savings:

An unexpected illness can certainly leave you feeling stressed and mentally upset. But what adds up to the anxiety are the expenses that come along. This is where health insurance pays off as one of the smartest investments that one makes. It helps you manage your medical expenditures, without having to extract money from your savings. Therefore, you secure your savings, manage your medical costs and stay stress-free too.


To conclude it all; health insurance is certainly not mandatory. But it is a very wise investment to make, given that we are living in an extremely uncertain time. Putting your money to proper use can help you manage your future medical costs without having to worry about shortage of money either.