Sameera Reddy And Mom-In-Law Have The Most Fun While Cooking On International Chef’s Day


We all know that actress Sameera Reddy really enjoys playing the chef at home. She posted an interesting Instagram Reels featuring herself and her mother-in-law, Majri Varde, cooking up a storm, on Thursday. She posted the Reels to mark the occasion of International Chef’s Day celebrated on October 20 every year. Sameera and her mom-in-law’s cooking videos, under the name “Messy Mama and Sassy Saasu”, are a rage on social media and this one is no different. In the video montage, we see her mother-in-law cooking up a storm in the kitchen. “All my followers are going to line up outside my door, okay?” says Manjri Varde while making a delectable paratha.

Sameera Reddy captioned the post, “Masti, drama and good food. Celebrating us home chefs and professionals.  International Chefs’ Day. Let’s keep cooking fun and simple.” She used the hashtags “messy mama and sassy saasu,” “saas bahu” and “cooking.”    

Take a look:

Sameera and her mother-in-law often cook together and share different recipes with fans on social media. In one such video that Sameera shared a few days back, we saw her mother-in-law teaching her two new recipes – Suran (elephant foot yam) special burger and bhaji.  Sameera said that her mother-in-law introduced her to the versatile vegetable named Suran. It is yum and grows underneath the ground, she added. Sameera shared that Suran is a good source of carbohydrates and is great for the skin.

For Suran burgers, her mother-in-law peeled and diced Suran and potatoes and added salt to them. She steam-cooked and mashed them together with onion, ground ginger, ground green chilli, jeera powder, chopped coriander, sugar and salt to taste. She then turned the mixture into patties and shallow fried them. Sameera finally took burger buns and placed the patties inside.

For Suran sabzi, they steam-cooked Suran and potatoes and mashed them. Further, they prepared a dry curry out of it using a bunch of spices. Read all about it here.

Watch the video here:

Earlier, Sameera took her followers through a delicious mango pickle recipe from the kitchen of mother-in-law, Manjri Varde. Before that, Sameera also once shared a snapshot of an omelette with a happy face drawn on it. This time, she credited the artwork to her son Hans.

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