Reddit Reacts To Shocking Rendition Of Chole Bhature In Swedish Restaurant


Chole Bhature isn’t just food, It’s an emotion! Many Indian foodies will agree with this. After all, Indian cuisine is not only about aroma and spices but the traditional way of cooking and serving the dishes. What we find in Indian eateries can seldom be replicated in restaurants abroad. An Indian man realised this when he was served chole bhature at a restaurant in Stockholm, Sweden. The man posted a photo of the dish on Reddit and wrote, “Ladies and gentlemen, here is the Chole Bhature that I was served at an Indian restaurant in Stockholm, Sweden. I miss home.” We know why. The photo shows a mound of chole and salad on top of a flat bhature. Well, in India, chole bhature consists of fluffy bhature with chole and salad served separately on the side. The image caption stated that the restaurant was run by a Bangladeshi family.

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Later, the user also described the taste of the chole bhature. To say the least, it wasn’t at all the spicy dish that we relish in India. The man complained that “the bhatura was sweet, super thick, and almost dry” while the chole was “bland” with no spices and only salt and pepper. To top it all, the dish cost him almost Rs 1,000. That’s enough reason for him to exit the hotel disappointed.

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Seeing the pitiable dish, Reddit users couldn’t help but react. When someone commented, “Bhatura looks like kachori,” the user replied that it was “fried scotch brite.”

Foodies had a hard time accepting this version of chole bhature. In fact, some preferred not having the dish at all to eating this rendition of it. One user wrote, “I’d probably watch YouTube videos of chole bhature and drink water than eat this.”

A person called it “cultural appropriation” of Indian dishes.

What do you have to say about this version of chole bhature?


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