People Are ‘Flooding’ To This Riverside Restaurant In Thailand; The Reason Might Amuse You


Chaopraya Antique Cafe, an eatery in Nonthaburi on the banks of the Chao Phraya River near Bangkok, Thailand, has become a hotspot for people looking for a unique dining experience. No, it does not charge you exorbitant rates but promises a thrilling experience. So, what does this eatery offer? A fine dining experience in a flood-hit area. Yes, you read that right! Despite the lapping tide, people flock to the restaurant in droves to eat. This restaurant is open to all those carefree customers who are willing to experience “shin-deep” dining.

Those who visit the restaurant, relish the food of their choice while sitting on drenched chairs even as the floodwaters surge in.

Initially, the restaurant’s owner, Titiporn Jutimanon, thought that she would have to shut the restaurant down and put a full-stop on the business that was already struggling because of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, then she changed her mind and decided to try and turn the crisis into an opportunity. That’s when she came up with the idea.

Look at the cafe here:

According to a report in Reuters, Jutimanon said that the people “love the atmosphere and the barbecue pork and the view of the sunset”. She added that the flood became an additional unique factor. Jutimanon feels lucky that customers love it, and that the flood did not become a roadblock.

Earlier, during the pandemic-induced lockdowns, Jutimanon’s had to shut her business. Now, the deck is crammed with customers happily gorging on their favourite food as if eating in a flood-hit restaurant is the norm. The restaurant holds two sittings daily for customers who want to enjoy the unique experience when the water levels are at their highest, stated the Reuters report.

In the past few weeks, about 30 northern and central provinces in Thailand were affected due to floods. The levels of the rivers flowing through Bangkok have been consistently on the rise.

After the months-long COVID-19 lockdowns, the floods could have spelled further disaster for Chaopraya Antique Cafe. Instead, the restaurant has found a silver lining. Now, as more and more customers enjoy the experience of dining with their feet submerged in water, who knows, soon, they may have to make reservations before heading to Chaopraya Antique Cafe.


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