Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar Recommends These 3 Work From Home Foods


The work-from-home routine has affected our health in diverse ways. While the “new normal” has turned some of us physically later than before, some have begun to gain weight and lose bone mineral density. But these new problems can be solved with certain traditional food habits, said nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar in a social media post. Rujuta recommends food to heal and repair the damage that has been caused to our bodies due to our stagnant lifestyles. The foods, as per Rujata, are affordable, accessible and tasty. Rujuta recommends we add three healthy but simple items to our diets. They are chikoo, chana and ghee.

Here are the food categories that Rujuta suggests:

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Rujuta recommends a serving of fresh fruits in our daily diet. What kind of food should we include? Include any fresh fruit that is in season, is regional and is a part of the local market. Fruits are rich in probiotics that nourish the good bacteria in our gut. Fruits are also rich in fibre that help in easier and smoother digestion. Fruits provide a boost of antioxidants to fight the free radical damage that we have faced while working from home. What’s Rujuta’s pick? She prefers a fresh chikoo that is available in most regions.


Fruits are a must add to diet

2. Nuts

A handful of nuts can go a long way in repairing bone health. A stagnant lifestyle often involves reduced use of our lower body. As the body works lesser against gravity, it loses more bone mineral density in the process. Symptoms of this loss include flabbier appearance, change in period pattern, excessive bleeding, headaches during premenstrual syndrome. Rujuta suggests chana or chickpeas. These are locally available in all regions of the country. They are rich in minerals, amino acids (proteins), fibre, vitamin B6. We can add jaggery to chickpeas to satiate our sugar cravings.



Ghee is traditionally known for its benefits in Indian cultures. It is known to be beneficial for good skin, joints and digestion. Ghee contains short-chain fatty acids that help smoothen our digestive processes. It also helps reduce stubborn fat around the belly and thighs. Prebiotic content in ghee enhances gut health. If working from home has reduced our sense of satiety, ghee can help bring it back. Also, essential fatty acid contained in ghee helps reduce eye strain.

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Watch Rujuta’s video:

These simple foods are enough to bring us back to our former good health days.


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