Mouni Roy’s Birthday Eve Party Is All About Good Food; Take A Look


Birthdays are special and the most enjoyable part is the mouth-watering food we relish. And, you would be amazed to know that Mouni Roy is not an exception to this idea. The actress decided to go for a birthday eve dinner. Wondering what she ate? We are here to tell you. She relished a bowl full of scrumptious Italian pasta – spaghetti aglio e olio. Loaded with cheese and basil leaf, the dish looks yummy. Don’t miss the garlic bread tucked in. Mouni is gorging on delicious spaghetti with some fresh broccoli kept in a bowl on the side. The other picture shows us a few cups filled with some kind of beverage. What better way to ring in birthday? 

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Instagram story by Mouni Roy


Apart from being an actress, Mouni Roy is a foodie at heart. She often shares her love for food with her fans on Instagram. In one of her posts, we see her digging into some delectable macarons. Traditionally known to have been introduced for the first time in France, macarons are a kind of sweet sandwich cookies. Often, there’s a jam or buttercream filling present between the two cookies. In the caption, she wrote, “Ways to my heart — 1) get me food, 2) make me food, 3) be food.” She also added, “P.S: If dunno my love for food you don’t know me at all.”

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Seems like the actress loves indulging in spaghetti even when it’s not her birthday. A few days ago, Mouni Roy shared a boomerang that showed us, pasta with red chilli. 

Mouni Roy does enjoy her holidays but not without good food. During her stay in Dubai, she shared a delectable picture of piri-piri French fries and left us craving. In the caption, she wrote, “I travel with my piri-piri,” with a slurpy emoticon.  

Mouni Roy’s food diaries get better with each passing day. Once, the actress shared a Boomerang of dim sums dipped in chilli oil with a side drink of what looked like herbal tea. There was also a cheesy pizza with vegetable toppings.

We wish Mouni Roy a very happy birthday and may she continue to celebrate birthdays being the foodie that she is.


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