Mira Kapoor Calls Custard Apple Her ‘Favourite’: 5 Fun Recipes To Try


Mira Kapoor is one of the biggest foodies on Instagram and we have seen proof of this several times. She never shies away from sharing her favourite foods and recipes for her fan following of 2.9 million. Although she follows a healthy diet and a rigorous fitness regime, she also loves to indulge her sweet tooth every now and then. The diva took to Instagram stories to share a click of her favourite fruit, and it was none other than the humble Custard Apple! Take a look:


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“Favourite fruit,” wrote Mira Kapoor in the caption of the photograph which featured a freshly opened custard apple. Also known as Sharifa or Sitaphal in Hindi, the creamy fruit has a sweet and smooth flavour to it. It is only available in the months of August to October and is said to be immensely healthy when consumed in season. Apart from being endowed with antioxidants and Vitamin C, custard apple has a number of benefits such as improving vision and skin health.

If Mira Kapoor’s Instagram story has got you craving some Custard Apple too, we have got you sorted. These fun recipes are made with luscious fruit and trust us, you’ll enjoy them to the very last bite.

Here Are 5 Fun Recipes Made With Custard Apple Or Sharifa:

1. Custard Apple Rabdi

This wholesome and wondrous dessert pairs perfectly with the taste of the seasonal fruit. Click here for the recipe.

2. Almond and Custard Apple Smoothie

Amp up your regular smoothies and milkshakes with this almond and custard apple smoothie recipe. Find the full recipe here.

3. Sharife ki Kheer

Kheer is one quintessential Indian dessert, and you can actually make it with the goodness of Sharifa. Take a look at this wonderful recipe here.

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custard apple

Custard apple can be used to make a number of delightful recipes.

4. Custard Apple Kalakand

Who doesn’t love a crumbly and soft Kalakand? Try and make this unique dessert with the flavours of Custard Apple enhancing it like never before. Click here for the full recipe.

5. Sharifa Ice Cream

Summers are incomplete without ice cream, and here we bring to you a delightful Sharifa ice cream which is a must-try. Find the full recipe here.

Tell us which recipe you tried in the comments below.

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