Matar Nimona Recipe: How To Make A Flavorful Green Pea Curry At Home


We’ve got to admit, out of the many Indian vegetables that we get home, matar (green pea) doesn’t usually find itself in the limelight. Sure, it works great as an addition to different curries, as well as for various sabzis like classic matar paneer or aloo matar. But do you ever think of matar as a dish on its own? Chances are that you don’t. However, to all matar lovers delight out there, turns out there is a scrumptious matar curry that you can make with green peas and it’s called – Maatar Ka Nimona.


Green matar is commonly added in different sabjis

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Matar ka nimona is a famous matar curry made in Uttar Pradesh and surrounding areas. It is usually made in winters given the availability of fresh and crisp matar right out of the farms. But if you can’t wait for the winters to come, you may use frozen green peas to enjoy this flavourful dish any given day. Matar ka nimona is a thick green curry made with a green matar paste, tomato puree, asafoetida, and other Indian spices. The use of cardamom, bay leaf, and ghee gives a rich and warm edge to its flavors that make it a soothing soul food for many. Sounds interesting? Give this recipe a try.

How To Make Homemade Matar Ka Nimona l Homemade Matar Ka Nimona Recipe:

Divide the matar into two batches. Coarsely grind one batch and finely grind the other. In a pan heat oil and cook ginger garlic paste, onion and tomato puree, and other ingredients to form a masala. In another pan sauté the green pea paste in ghee until the raw smell is gone. Add the green pea paste to the masala and cook with a lid on for a couple of minutes. Take off the heat and serve hot.

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From dry matar ko frozen matar, here are some options for you to make the green pea curry:

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