Masaba Gupta Is Indulging In Delicious Snacks And Desserts On Vacation


Fashion designer Masaba Gupta is having a gala time during her trip near Jaipur, Rajasthan. Masaba, who has gone on this trip with Rhea Kapoor, Karan Boolani and others, is indulging in some quality times and good food. Her food adventures have spilt over in her social media updates too. What do we see her gorging on? Masaba’s Instagram Stories show us a lovely assortment of sandwiches and snacks. We see plates of toasted sandwiches kept alongside bowls of French fries. We also get a glimpse of boiled egg and cabbage salad on the table. Masaba wrote, “Childhood (heart emoji).”


Masaba enjoys fries and sandwiches .

If the sandwiches and French fries got you craving, try rustling up a delicious plate for yourself. Go for this chicken club sandwich recipe. Italian bread stuffed with chicken breast, fresh vegetables and gooey sauces can steal your heart. Here is also a recipe to make the perfectly crisp French fries for your evening snack.

In another set of photos, we see Masaba Gupta basking alongside Rhea Kapoor. The two women are enjoying the drinks that are kept on a table between them. What comes next is a photo of delicious-looking slices of chocolate cake. In the frame, we also see a plate of what looks like chocolate sorbet garnished with mint leaves. Next in line is a mouth-watering pair of bread slices topped with poached and fried eggs. Masaba’s caption read, “Before seasons change.”

You can also make a chocolate cake at home with the help of this recipe. Check it out here.

Masaba Gupta’s holiday tour has taken place on the occasion of Karan Boolani’s birthday. Last day, she posted photos of other delicacies on Instagram Stories. She shared the photo of a glass of Martini and a plate of Pyaaz Kachori.

Later, she also gave us a glimpse of Karan Boolani’s birthday cake.

Rhea Kapoor also uploaded a set of images from the birthday eve party. 

Now, we are waiting for the birthday night dinner party pictures. Are you? 


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