Incredible! Viral Video Of How Soan Papdi Is Made Has Blown The Internet’s Mind


If there is one thing that every Indian will agree on is that we all share a mutual love for mithais! Gulab jamun, kaju katli, ladoos, rasgulla, jalebi and more, just thinking about these desi delights has us salivating. Indian festivals are incomplete without a plateful of mithai. Every region of our country is popular for having its own unique dessert that is an integral part of the culture. We have grown up eating these sweet delights, stealing pieces of mithai from the fridge to finishing boxes of sweets at a time. One such mithai is the soan papdi!

The soan papdi is a cube-shaped sweet delicacy that has a crispy and flaky dessert. It is thoroughly enjoyed in festivals such as Diwali and Holi. Have you wondered how this popular mithai is made? We have found a video that gives a glimpse of the soan papdi made by a halwai. Take a look:

Not too sweet, the soan papdi is one mithai that is known for its balanced sweetness. Also known as Soan Hawla, this mithai is made using besan, flour, ghee and sugar to give a crunchy and flaky texture. The video shows how the sugar syrup is moulded multiple times to give the texture of the soan papdi. The stringy sugar syrup is then massaged in a liquid ghee and flour mixture. Uploaded by food blogger @thefoodieshub on Instagram, this video has gone viral! With over 6.3 million views and around 280 thousand likes.

It literally takes minutes for people to consume soan papdi, a mithai that requires hours of preparation. The time and effort it takes to make the soan papdi is remarkable and it has captivated the attention of the internet! What did you think after watching this video? Are you as amazed as we were? Do tell us in the comments section below.


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