How To Make Potato Chips At Home In Just A Few Minutes? Answer Is Here


People always crave snacks and chips. Unlike breakfast, lunch or dinner, there can be no definite time when people should eat a packet of chips. They are versatile, can be eaten with almost anything and at any time of the day. Imagine then you suddenly feel like having potato chips but there’s none at home. What do you do? Well, celebrity chef Saransh Goila has a rescue act. In a video shared on his Instagram account, he is teaching us how to prepare the “perfect masala chips” at home.

The clip shows how he prepares a bowl of crunchy desi masala chips.

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According to the Saransh Goila recipe, slice and rinse six red potatoes (starchy and a good source of fibre) in cold water a few times. Boil the slices for three minutes and take them out on absorbent paper and dry out. Then prepare a masala mix in a separate bowl using onion powder, garlic powder, chilli powder, Kashmiri chilli powder, turmeric powder, coriander powder, amchur powder, salt (including black salt) and powdered sugar. Now, double fry the potato slices – first on medium heat and then turn on the flame to full.

potato chips

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Put the fried chips in a bowl and add the masala mix and toss. Your crunchy homemade potato chips are ready. “No one can eat just one of these for sure because it’s delicious and this bowl was wiped out in seconds,” Goila said in the caption of the post. Click Here to see the Instagram video.

The chef regularly drops tips and recipes via social media to make meals healthy and tasty. A while back, he had shared tips on how to give the popular peanut butter sandwich a south Indian twist. The fusion recipe included tart tamarinds and piquant ginger. He named it Peanut Butter Puli Inji Sandwich.

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On another occasion, Goila showed how to make everyone’s favourite malai lassi. Using readily available ingredients, this lassi can be made in only a few minutes.


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