How To Make Matar Ka Halwa; A Rich And Creamy Seasonal Dessert


Winter is the time to enjoy the fresh, green and crunchy produce of the season. Rightfully enough, there are many winter-special delicacies featuring these seasonal vegetables. Like the iconic winter desserts gajar ka halwa or the must-have sarso ka saag. Matar or green peas, is another intrinsic part of the winter menu; it is used to add substance and flavours to many curries and dishes. The evergreen matar paneer, the delicious matar pulao or the scrumptious aloo matar ki sabji, are all a part of our regular winter fare. However, did you know that the humble matar can be used not only as a savoury ingredient but sweet too? Yes, you read that right! The winter-special green peas make for a delicious sweet treat and it is called – Matar ka halwa!


Halwa is one of the beloved Indian desserts

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Matar ka halwa may sound a little intriguing and offbeat but we assure you it’s going be a hit amongst all. The vibrant green halwa is cooked with loads of dry fruits in desi ghee; the taste is rich, creamy and delicious. Make the most of those fresh green winter matars by making this matar ka halwa for your friends and family. Here is the recipe for you to try:

How To Make Matar Ka Halwa l Matar Ka Halwa Recipe:

Slightly steam green peas and make a coarse paste out of them. In a pan, add some ghee, roast the dry fruits and nuts and remove them. Add the matar paste, sugar, khoya and mix well. Add dried spices like cardamom powder. Mix everything well and serve hot.

Click here for the detailed recipe of Matar Ka Halwa.

Try making the delicious Matar ka Halwa at home.


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