How To Make Imly Rice: A Comforting And Wholesome Rice Recipe To Make In 30 Minutes


All South Indian rice dishes are wholesome and are wrapped in a comforting taste. Whether you have tomato rice or curd rice, South Indian recipes are usually quick and easy to make. And one such delightful, quick and delicious recipe from down south are the yummy imly (tamarind) rice that is a must-try. Till now, we are sure that you would have eaten tamarind in chutney, candies or even as an immunity-boosting drinks, but this recipe of imly rice is not just unique but also extremely comforting and wholesome.

If you have leftover rice at home, you can quickly cook this dish with a few ingredients. To make this dish, you would require some cooked rice, whole red chillies, curry leaves, chana dal, peanuts, mustard seeds, hing, methi seeds, salt, red chilli powder, turmeric powder and jaggery. And the best part about this dish is that you quickly whip up its flavour in 30 minutes and enjoy it anytime! So, without waiting, let us dive right into the recipe of this comforting dish.


How To Make Imly Rice | Imly Rice Recipe

To make this dish, first, heat oil and roast peanuts along with both the dals. Saute till the dals splutter and are slightly coloured. Now add curry leaves and whole red chillies. Now, add salt, hing, red chilli powder and turmeric powder. Saute them well. Mix these well. Add gur to the cooked mix and saute well. Now add the tamarind pulp to the mix and saute till it becomes semi-thick gravy.

Throw in the leftover rice and mix again. Finally, take them out in a bowl and serve.

For the full recipe of imly rice, click here.

Make this dish and let us know how you liked the taste of them!


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