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How to Change Background on Teams

How to Change Background on Teams
How to Change Background on Teams

How to Change Background on Teams

Change Background on Teams: You don’t want anything that is in your background to distract your attendees during an online meeting. Because most professionals utilize MS Teams in order to plan meetings for business and conferences, you may be required to adhere to some standards.

If you don’t have a tranquil background MS Teams has the possibility of changing your background. It uses smart AI to recognize the background of your computer and replace it with a fixed image or obscures it. Anyone that appears on screen may appear onto the screen, so be sure that there is no one within your background.

There are two options available in regards to changing the background of Teams. You can remove your background from view or replace it with a different image. If you’re putting an image onto your background, use only images that are incompatible with MS Teams. The only .PNG, .JPG and .BMP types of files are acceptable for background images.

There is the option to choose a background to use prior to or during the course of a meeting.

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Before the Meeting

You can change the background as you prepare your devices prior to your meeting.

  1. Click here to view the invitation to the meeting.
  2. Under your video, select Background Filters.
  3. If you are looking for background options to your right, select blur or an image from a library.
  4. If you want replacing your wallpaper using an image, simply click Add a new.
  5. Browse through your device and choose an image.

During the Meeting

If you have issues regarding your background during your meeting, you can alter it by taking Other Actions.

  1. Choose from the three-dot icon in the upper right.
  2. Choose Apply background effects .
  3. Choose Blur if you wish to blur out your background.
  4. Click Add a new if you’d like to alter your background into an image.
  5. Choose Apply and then turn on the video.

Why Can I Not Change My Background?

There may be hiccups when changing your background using MS Teams. If you’re unable to change your background, you must make sure your camera is linked to the computer. You can’t set your background when your camera isn’t working with MS Teams.

If you’re an Linux person, it is possible that you can’t make use of this feature since changing the background isn’t currently available on Linux. In the same way, if you’ve used MS Teams using a virtual machine, this feature is not available to you.



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