How the best Auckland cleaning specialists are making use of Technology?

Cleaning business might be the most intricate and detailed form of labor use henceforth, the adaptation of technology is a welcome move by both customers as well as professionals. The recent upheavals around the world have once again highlighted the importance of having clean spaces. Be it your home, office, or working place. It is mandatory to keep our spaces clean to avoid unnecessary contamination, promote better productivity and uplift the overall aesthetics of the living space. The pandemic has led to increased use of technology usage. The cleaning industry is no alien to it. These advancements increase the efficiency of the cleaning process as well as enhance the productivity of the labor. Here are the top uses of technology in trend for the cleaning industry. Irrespective of whether you are someone looking for a cleaning process or looking to increase the efficacy of your cleaning business read on to understand the trends.

  1. Tools that increase the efficiency

No bots or AI can replace the magic of the human touch. But smart integration of AI can boost the productivity of professionals in the industry. The most trending tools in the cleaning tech are data-driven tools based on the Internet of Things. These tools can provide managers with updates on the status of dispensers of soap, paper, and towels etc. This can save the workers from getting stuck in an embarrassing situation where they run out of inventory. Hygiene standards, as well as supply stock, can be managed via a dashboard. This can make the process quicker, more efficient and simplify the operations.

 2. Reporting Tools

Just like most other industries keeping a record of the employees for the cleaning businesses has been a tough job. Manual monitoring becomes cumbersome and time-consuming. To combat this best Auckland cleaning specialists are utilising reporting tools to get a day to day report from their workers. The hassle of meeting teams is reduced which makes the cleaning specialists more attentive at work. Tools such as Hubstaff enhance the ease of monitoring what is going on at a particular client site. Time and team management tools are inclusive of GPS locators and timestamp apps. Location tracking makes it effortless for companies to deliver what they promised. These applications help the companies to inform the clients about the estimated time of arrivals and real-time updates. Tools with the geofencing feature save time as specialists can start working right away. For invoicing too, you can use apps or tools that will do all the bookkeeping. The process enlists more trust from the consumers as well as lessen the workload on the company.

3. Commercial cleaning with Robots

The most innovative and revolutionary trend is to use robots in carrying out tedious tasks in professional cleaning services. Robots can be used for back-breaking tasks such as cleaning the floors. Since such tasks require rigorous scrubbing, using machines can give better results as well as save humans from such tiring work. The advantages of using machines for labour work eliminate the risk of having a labour shortage. The safety risks associated with using machines remains high hence currently, window and facade cleaning robots are only gaining momentum.

4. Electrostatic Sprayers 

Many industries such as agriculture, automotive, and tanning industries already make use of facilities like Electrostatic spray technology for better coverage in less time. The same is now being adopted in the cleaning industry to apply cleaners, sanitisers, and disinfectants. In this process, the sprayers work by charging liquids which include sanitisers and disinfectants electrostatically by passing them through a spray nozzle. The charged droplets hence produced repel each other and actively clean a surface. Due to the presence of charges, the drops are coated to all sides of a surface which creates a uniform layer of spray. The process results in the optimal level of cleanliness. These sprayers could cover up to 18,000 sq feet in one hour.

Machines can reduce the workload on people and can be helpful for repetitive tasks. This increases the speed of the process as well as add a layer of consistency.

Clean the Greenway

The most practical and useful innovation in the industry is green cleaning. The practice includes the use of environmentally safe products, techniques, etc, in commercial cleaning. This practice emphasizes the health and safety of cleaners as well as the clients by promoting the use of eco-friendly products. Green cleaning includes cleaning products, equipment and consumables. It has become a legal requirement in some places such as for a LEED certification. The shift towards green cleaning indicates that companies need to provide solutions that are of high quality, safe, and have environmental-friendly practices.


Such innovations can make janitorial services better for clients as well as the workers. Increased transparency, care for the environment and enhanced efficiency can be forecasted for this industry.