Google Celebrates New Year’s Eve With Giant Candy Doodle


New Year’s eve is being celebrated the world over today, on 31st December. As 2021 draws to a close, the mood is definitely celebratory on this last day of the year. Google too celebrated New Year’s eve in its own unique manner with a cute doodle. The moment you open the search engine, you will see that the second ‘O’ in the word Google is replaced with a yellow circle with a giant candy placed on it. The animated candy has the number ‘2021’ written on it and is ready to pop. Take a look:

Google is known for its signature doodles on special occasions celebrated worldwide. They often share quirky animated posts for events and landmark happenings across the globe. “That’s a wrap for 2021-Happy New Year’s Eve,” read the message from Google with the special New Year’s eve doodle. Apart from the giant candy in the doodle, it also had a party hat and colourful lights decorated on the word. Further, if you search for New Year’s Eve or any such related phrases on the search engine, your window will burst with confetti!

The giant candy in Google Doodle for New Year Eve’s has definitely piqued our curiousity. Would the candy pop at 12am-midnight when New Year 2022 begins? Let’s wait and watch!

Google also shared some of their previous New Year’s Eve doodles in a blog. Click here to view some of them.

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Every year, Google also releases a report of the most-searched trending keywords and phrases on its website. In 2021, the search engine reported a surge in phrases related to ‘healing’ after a year-long pandemic. On the food front, we saw some interesting search trends related to exotic and foreign recipes. Birria Tacos was the number one trending recipe globally, while in India, Enoki Mushrooms were the most-searched phrase. Click here to read our in-depth report on the same.

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