From Chicken To Pumpkin and Eggplants, Here Are 7 Roast Recipes For Your Christmas Feast


What’s Christmas without piping hot plates of good food? If you are inviting friends home or having a family get-together this festive season, you need to have a good meal charted out for your guests. We all are looking forward to the holidays when we dive into relishable meals, hearty desserts and scrumptious snacks without a second thought. If you haven’t fixed your Christmas menu yet, we suggest you include roast dishes on your spread. Meat, fish and eggs can be prepared with roasting techniques. And, they turn out really well. You won’t know it until you try cooking some for yourself.

Roast dishes make filling meals and are healthier alternatives to deep-fried food items. This Christmas, try whipping up some of these recipes and add a twist of flavours to your feasts.

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Here are seven Christmas roast recipes for you to try:

1) Roast Chicken With Apricot And Mint Stuffing

Chicken lovers need not bore themselves with fried chicken all the time. Stuff the chicken with spices, chopped apricot, breadcrumbs and mint. Pour over the flavoured stock on the tied chicken. Roast it with butter.


This ghee roast recipe is spicy.

2) Mangalore Chicken Ghee Roast

You cannot miss out on this South Indian dish if you are making roasted chicken. The burst of spicy flavours and a slightly tangy edge of this dish makes it a Mangalorean speciality.

3) Roasted Lamb

The flavours of rosemary, pepper and olive oil blend to render magic to this dish. The soft juicy texture of roasted lamb, infused with these flavours, will win a foodie’s heart.

4) Roast Leg Of Lamb

The meat gets infused with the flavours of ginger, garlic, garam masala and more condiments during marination. You can serve the roasted chicken with roasted vegetables and fried potatoes on the side.


The scrumptious preparation of veggies

5) Roasted Vegetables

Roasted vegetables can be deeply satisfying. A melange of potatoes, peppers, carrots, onions, zucchini, garlic tossed in olive oil and roasted till they’re soft with a few burnt bits on the outside — it’s gratifying to the core.

6) Prawn Ghee Roast

Seafood lovers don’t have to sulk. They too can enjoy a finger-licking roasted dish of prawns.

7) Roasted Pumpkin And Eggplant Roulade

This could be a hearty and warming winter evening meal. It’s a mix of eggplants, pumpkin and arbi. Trust us, the pumpkin and eggplants are at their most delicious when they meet the heat of the oven.


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