Ever Tried Paneer Shawarma? A Classic Paneer Snack You Must Try (Recipe Inside)


A vegetarian’s delight and ever so versatile, paneer (or cottage cheese) has always been a hit in the culinary world. Add them to curries, pakoras, samosa, salads and you know you have a winner right in front of you. The best part is paneer does not need any time to cook, so almost all paneer recipes are so easy and quick to make. Joining the list of quick paneer recipes, here we bring you another recipe that can get ready in just a matter of minutes. It is called paneer shawarma. One can find shawarma rolls nowadays almost everywhere, from high end restaurants to street side stalls and more. However, most of these eateries provide chicken shawarma rolls that are surely a delight for all the non-veg food lovers.

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But if you are a vegetarian and want to enjoy the taste of shawarma at home, then this easy recipe of paneer shawarma can be a perfect treat. This paneer shawarma roll uses paneer keema made with a host of spices and this mixture is further laced over the wheat bread and served with mayonnaise or cheese dip alongside. If you want to add more veggies according to your preference, then the choice is yours! Wondering how to make it? Read below for the recipe.

Here’s How To Make Paneer Shawarma | Paneer Shawarma Recipe:

To prepare this recipe, take paneer and mash it with a potato masher, then add all the dry seasonings mentioned in the ingredients list. Set aside for marination.

Meanwhile, heat a grill pan, add this mixture and roast it from both the sides till the grill mark appears on both the sides. Remove and set aside for 5-8 minutes.

Then, make chapatis by using wheat flour, cook them properly, spread mayonnaise on top of the bread and then add the paneer mixture. Roll it out and serve!

Here’s the complete recipe of Paneer Shawarma

Try it at home for your next evening binge or when the cravings are hard to resist and let us know your experience in the comments section below. Happy Cooking!


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