Do You Want To Know What’s New To Rakul Preet’s Food Diaries? Take A Look


The post-COVID-19 world taught us the importance of a healthy lifestyle. It is very important to eat right to stay fit. Actress Rakul Preet Singh seems to know this very well. So, what’s new to her food diaries today? Rakul Preet Singh posted a picture of herself on Instagram where she is savouring a delicious item that looks like curd rice. But there’s a twist. She added a spin to this tangy delicacy. In the caption, she revealed that it’s Indian dahi (curd) along with chia pudding. Further in the caption, the actress explained that her nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal said that “the live microbes in dahi and the fibre in chia will help her keep the gut happy and free of any bloating”. Rakul Preet expressed happiness and said she feels light and cheerful having it, which is an added bonus. Not just that but the actress has suggested her Instafam as well to try this out. We can’t wait to try Rakul Preet. 

Prior to this, Rakul Preet Singh allowed us to take a look at her post-workout drink. She explained the ingredients and their nutritional value via her post. She wrote, “Whey isolate – protein, Banana – carbs, Flaxseeds – fibre, Cinnamon – antioxidants, Nutmeg – anti-inflammatory.”

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If you think Rakul Preet doesn’t have her cheat days, then you are wrong. She does enjoy a variety of mouthwatering food items sometimes irrespective of their health benefits. In one of her Instagram Stories, we saw Rakul Preet enjoying delectable chaat and pakodis. The text read, “Chaat kha ke hue jungle”. She was having a feast on the sets of her upcoming film DoctorG. There was a video as well where she was seen mixing different things just before chomping them on. She wrote in the caption, “Chaat chaat time, whoever says I don’t eat chaat.”

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Being an actress, Rakul Preet knows how to find fashion even in her coffee. She once posted pictures on Instagram Stories with two different coffee cups. One had “Dior” and the other read “Chanel” logo crafted on the top of it. Cool, isn’t it? 

 She also asked her viewers what they would choose between the two.

Rakul Preet is a true fitness enthusiast but for those who don’t know, she is also a foodie at heart.


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