Craving Ramen? Make This Easy Chicken Ramen Recipe At Home



Social media always has some of the other food challenges taking the internet by the storm. These food challenges become the latest trend and we all put on our aprons to try out the unique and delicious dishes. Last year, the pandemic saw the rise of the sensational dalgona coffee. Thanks to the viral show Korean show Squid Games, this year we saw the dalgona candy take the spotlight. The Korean culture has introduced us to some of the most interesting dishes to our palate and today we have found the recipe of another trending dish that also has the Korean culture to thank for its popularity. It is none other than the ramen!

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Ramen is traditionally a Japanese noodle soup made with wheat noodles, meat, fish-broth and flavoured with soy sauce. Now, you must be wondering, why did a Japanese dish get popularised by K-Drama? It is because Koreans love ramen! Known as ‘ramyeon’ in Korean, this dish can often be seen in Korean TV shows, with the protagonists going out of ramyeon all the time! Thanks to them even we have got the ramen craze and we keep looking for easy ways to it ramen at home. Hence, we have brought to you this easy chicken ramen recipe.


This chicken ramen is easy to make

How To Make Chicken Ramen | Chicken Ramen Recipe:

In a saucepan, saute corn in butter and keep aside. Soft boil eggs keep it aside. Boil the ramen noodles, keep them aside. Blanch the spinach. In a pan, boil the chicken stock in garlic, ginger and scallions for at least 30 minutes. add the shredded chicken to the broth, simmer it for 20 minutes. Now is the time for assembly. In a soup bowl, place the noodles, spinach and egg and pour over the chicken broth. The ramen is ready!

Click here for the step-by-step recipe for Chicken Ramen.

Sounds easy, right?! Make this delicious bowl of chicken ramen and surprise your friends with your culinary skills. Do tell us in the comments section how you liked it.


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