How to Connect Phone to TV With USB (Step-by-Step easy Guide)

How to Connect Phone to TV With USB (Step-by-Step easy Guide)
How to Connect Phone to TV With USB (Step-by-Step easy Guide)

How to Connect Phone to TV With USB (Step-by-Step Guide)

Connect Phone to TV With USB : It is possible to connect smartphones to televisions using Miracast and USB. While casting the entire screen of your phone to a TV is feasible via Miracast, USB mode is restricted to data transfer only. In this mode, you’ll be able to watch the specific content from your phone directly on your television. You must however possess a USB cable that is able to support transfer of data.

In this article, you’ll discover step-by step instructions on the best way to link the Android smartphone or iPhone to a TV with an USB cable.

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Connect Android Phone to TV Using USB

Smartphones running Android can be connected to your TV via an USB cable. All you require is a cable with an USB Type-A connector at one end , and a Type-B or Type-C connector at the other.

Connect your USB Type A end of the cable with the USB port on the TV and connect the second end is connected to the port for charging on your smartphone. The place that you connect the USB port on your TV could differ according to the manufacturer. The ports are usually located on the back of the TV, where the other ports are located. Check it out and connect it as needed.

Here, we’re using a Samsung 4 Series TV to demonstrate our products.

Step 1: Configure Settings on Android

When you connect to your Android device to your television, a pop-up menu will pop up inviting you to select from the connection options. Choose the appropriate connection option for viewing your files in the television.

  1. Select the option of Transferring files / Android auto to open all files and folders stored on your Android phone. Or, select the option of transferring images to see images only.
  2. Then then, press Accept in the confirmation message.

Step 2: Configure Settings on TV

After you have set the connection mode for the Android phone, you must switch the input source to the TV. Modern TVs feature the USB option that lets you browse content using USB devices, including smartphones.

  1. Click on the source button on the remote of your Samsung TV remote.
  2. Alternately, use on the button to go back home.button.
  3. Next, navigate down to the left-hand corner, and select the Source.
  4. In the listing of sources, select the one that matches your device’s model number.
  5. After a couple of seconds, the TV will show documents from the Android phone.

Note When browsing through files via USB the thumbnails of files might appear different than the original thumbnails. In these instances you must restart your TV to re-establish the connection.

Connect iPhone to TV Using USB

In the same way, you can access your iPhone’s media library as well as other media files on the television. The identical Lightning cable to USB cable included in the iPhone box can help you accomplish the task. However, the latest versions of iPhones include an Lightning to USB Type-C cable. In such instances it is recommended to purchase the Type-C USB adapter to convert.

Connect the lightning cable to Lightning port of your iPhone and then plug in the USB connection of the cable to the USB port on your TV.

Step 1: Configure Settings on iPhone

Once you’ve connecting your iPhone physically connected to your iPhone with the television it is recommended to grant an one-tap access on the TV. This will allow the TV to access the folders and files in your iPhone and show the contents.

  1. Just tap the Allow button on on your iPhone screen after you have seen the device allowing you to access videos and images?

Step 2: Configure Settings on TV

Once you’ve granted permissions on your iPhone It is time to change the source you use on your TV.

  1. Take your TV remote, and hit the Homebutton.
  2. A pop-up will be displayed in the lower right-hand corner of the TV screen.
  3. Go to the left, then Tap the Source.
  4. Choose iPhone.
  5. Then wait until the TV begins playing the files and folders on your iPhone.


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