Chicken Puff, Pizza Puff And More: 5 Delicious Puff Recipes To Make With Evening Tea


Can you imagine your tea time without a plateful of crunchy and lip-smacking snacks? I certainly can’t! Tea time is the only time when most of us get a short break from our hectic day. With a cup of tea in our hands, all we want to do is sit back and enjoy it with some snacks. Whether you prefer to have the classic rusk biscuits or maybe mini samosas, kachoris or even a chaat- a cup of tea has to be paired with any snack of your choice. But, if you are bored of preparing the same thing over and over, then it is time to change your tea time snack menu to something fulfilling and satisfying! And honestly, what could be better than preparing some crispy puffs packed with delicious stuffing? So, if just thinking about it makes your mouth water, here we bring you some puff recipes to pair with your tea.

Here Are 5 Puff Recipes To Pair With Your Tea

1. Chicken Puff

Chicken is a dish that everyone enjoys. Every chicken dish has its own delicious and distinct flavour. Layers of flaky and crunchy puff pastry are filled with seasoned minced chicken in this delicious snack. This recipe will make a tasty tea-time or breakfast snack.

2. Matar Puff

Since it’s winter, we figured it’d be best to use some freshly harvested peas and make something special with them. These veg matar puffs are packed with the goodness of spices and mashed peas. The best part about this recipe is that it doesn’t require the use of an oven!


3. Pizza Puff

Pizza puffs are a great snack option for pizza fans. It’s a crispy puff stuffed with the flavours of your favourite vegetable pizza. This recipe is a unique spin on your regular pizza. You can even store it in mini boxes and enjoy it with your tea.


4. Curry Puffs

Curry puffs are a South-East Asian delicacy that consists of a crispy, flaky puff filled with chicken curry. An explosion of flavours greets you when you bite into a crisp and flaky puff.

5. Cheese Puffs

If you love cheese, then this recipe is just for you. In this puff recipe, cheese is mixed with herbs and spices to add extra zing to its taste. Then all you need to do is wrap it puff batter, and fry it. This also makes a good snack for any party.

Make these recipes today, and let us know how you like their taste!


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