Chicken Dynamite: This Fiery Chicken Starter Will Amp Up Your Dinner Table And Impress Your Guests



When it comes to making quick, tasty and indulgent starters, chicken might be one of the top options to make. Whether you are making chilli chicken, chicken tikka or chicken lollipop, the succulent and juicy chicken pieces melt in our mouth and satisfy our cravings. But if you want to give a new taste to your regular chicken recipes, then today, we bring you a recipe of chicken dynamite! As the name suggests, this recipe is undoubtedly a dynamite of flavour that gives you both spicy and sweet taste at one time and leaves you wanting for more!

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Chicken Dynamite is a dish that is first marinated, fried till golden brown and then tossed in a variety of sauces that gives you different flavours at the same time. This dish best paired with a bowl of leafy salad, which will help you to balance the flavour in the chicken. Along with that, you can make this starter for any time you want to indulge in something spicy and sweet or when you want to serve something special at your dinner gathering.


This recipe is fiery and tasty

How To Make Chicken Dynamite | Chicken Dynamite Recipe

To make this dish, first, cut your chicken in small pieces, then marinate it with garlic, ginger, red chilli powder, soy sauce and salt as per taste. Let it rest for 30 minutes, in a separate bowl mix, plain flour, cornflour, salt and pepper for the dry batter. And whisk two eggs in a separate bowl.

Take the chicken pieces, then dip them in the batter, then in eggs and again batter. Repeat the process with all the pieces. Fry till crisp and golden brown. For the sauce, mix mayonnaise, sriracha sauce, ketchup, honey, lemon juice and red chilli powder together. Mix the fried chicken with the sauce and serve hot!

For the full recipe of chicken dynamite, click here.

Make this recipe when you have guests coming over next time, and let us know how you liked its taste.


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