Chakundar Kurma Recipe: This Beetroot Curry Made With Chana Dal Is Ideal For Lazy Winter Days


Winter is the perfect time to gorge on the radiant winter-special vegetable of beetroot (chakundar). This vegetable is prized for its high antioxidant value and iron content. Beetroot is often tossed into a blender to make vegetable juice or thrown into a bowl of salad. But we all crave for warm foods with the limited winter produce; so we decided to have this nutrient-dense vegetable in the form of a hot curry. Nothing beats the classic Indian plate of roti and sabzi. This curry made with beetroot offers a big change in flavours that will take you by surprise. It is called beetroot kurma. 

Beetroot kurma not only provides the many nutritional qualities of beetroot, but also adds in extra nutrients from the protein-rich chana dal and fibre-rich grated coconut. Of course, these are not the only set of nutrients you get from this combo. All these three foods – beetroot, chana dal and coconut – offer much, much more. 

A warming, comforting, attractive and healthy dish that can be made easily in no time – isn’t it perfect for all those lazy evenings when cooking up a hearty dinner seems impossible? Yes, this beetroot kurma can be made in less than 30 minutes and that’s why we are bookmarking this recipe for our many winter spreads.

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Beetroots are rich in nutrients.
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Beetroot Curry Recipe: How To Make Chakundar Kurma

If you don’t have enough reasons to make this fantastic but simply curry, we’ll give you another one. This recipe also makes use of the goodness of whole Indian spices that are revered for their immunity-boosting properties, helping you stay away from cold, cough and other common infections.

Click the link here to view step-by-step recipe of beetroot kurma. 

To make this unique dish, cook beetroot in pressure cooker with salt. Then make a mixture of onion and tomatoes with common spices. Cook the beetroot along with a paste made of coconut, chana dal and green chillies, in the onion-tomato mixture. Boil for about 5 minutes and you are done.

Reap the benefits of beetroot in a soul-soothing dish. Try this recipe of easy beetroot curry today.

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