Bunk Bed Shopper’s Checklist


In our struggling economy, everyone is trying to save money. You don’t want to spend money on something that doesn’t work for you. There is more to consider in shopping for bunk beds than most people realize. A bunk bed is an investment and should be considered before purchasing. Here are some tips to think about before you go shopping.

· What are my needs? Do I buy the bed for one person, or for a growing family, or have I had multiple choices over the years? Do I buy this bed because my child wants it or because we need it to support our growing family or small living space? How long will I need this bed? Is it short term like 4 years of college or long term for 2 or more kids? Will it be used by boys or girls – and that could make a difference? Do I need twin beds or full size beds? Do I need built-in storage, a desk, or a cupboard for more sleepers?

What are my space limits? What is my ceiling height? Will the bed fit in my room and still allow the required clearance? Will the bed be too close to the light fixture or ceiling fan?

· What is my budget? You get what you pay for looking for good beds at a good price. Low priced beds are often designed for younger, lighter children and will be outdated or used in a few years. Higher priced beds are sturdier but may come with other options that you don’t need Ottawa shopping delivery. Compare prices to see what you really get for your money, then buy the best you can afford.

What beds are available – wood, metal, bunk, loft, futon, etc.? What are the dimensions and does it fit in my space? What options come with each bed?

Does the bed meet my needs for the time I need it? Will it hold up to its intended use?

Is the style modern, funky, easily outdated or is it a classic style that will work for a long time in different situations with different bedding? Does my child like style and can I live with it?

Can I assemble the bed myself or do I need to connect and assemble it and put it in my room? If you buy at your local furniture store, it will likely be assembled. If you choose to order online, you may have to assemble the bed but it can save you hundreds of dollars.

Do I need a mattress too? What size do I need in order for it to comply with the safety standards of the bed?

Once I choose the bed, is it at the best price I can find? Again, online shopping can save money, especially if you already know what bed you’re looking for.

Is the bed compliant with CPSC safety standards? Never buy a bed that doesn’t meet these standards

If you have the answer to all of these questions, you are on the right path to finding the perfect bunk bed for your family.