Biryani Gets Yet Another Variation – Try Fish Biryani Recipe Inside


Biryani started out in the Mughal era as a combination of meat and rice, slowly cooked in earthen pots with loads of fragrant spices. It was considered a balanced meal, consisting of protein-rich chicken or mutton, carbs from rice, and many other nutrients from different spices. Biryani has come a long way since then, passing from generation to generation, and now we have a bevy of variations of biryani. Without losing its primitive characteristics, veg biryani can now be made with paneer, soya and even kathal. For non-vegetarians looking for a change, fish biryani is a great option.

Instead of chewy chicken and mutton, rice is mixed with soft and succulent fish pieces, cooked with a variety of whole spices that lend their powerful flavour and fragrance to the wholesome meal. Just get some fillets of a fish you like, cut it into cubes to make fish biryani. As fish cooks quickly, you’ll save some time too.

Fish Biryani Recipe: How To Make Fish Biryani 

Click the link to view the complete recipe of fish biryani along with ingredients list.

Biryani is one of the most lavish dishes of Indian cuisine, but thankfully, it can be easily made at home. Just like chicken or mutton biryani, fish biryani is also made by layering meat mixture and rice on top of one another. This biryani is splattered with the topmost layer of saffron-infused milk, giving it a distinguished taste.

To make fish biryani, first stir fry fish in a mixture of onions with cumin, ginger, garlic and common spice powders. Also add yogurt and green chillies for extra tanginess and spiciness. Biryani masala is also added to attain that authentic biryani flavour. Rice is cooked separately with whole spices like cardamom, cloves and peppercorns. Finally, layer  the fish mixture in a pan, top it with cooked rice and sprinkle saffron-milk mixture over it and serve hot with chutney or raita or salan.

Next time you crave for biryani, try fish biryani instead of the usual biryani you’ve had several times before. And don’t forget to tell us how you liked it.

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