Bipasha Basu Relishes Mom-Made Bengali Cuisine, Sends Us Craving


Bipasha Basu indulged in the delectable Bengali cuisine this Sunday. And the video on her Instagram Stories is showing us just that. It features an assortment of Bengali dishes laid out on the table before her. We hear Bipasha’s excited voice as she patiently introduces each of the dishes. What do we have on the table? She starts the virtual tour of the Bengali food spread with a bowl of spicy-looking chicken curry. Then, there are bowls of macher kalia, chingri malai curry, masoor dal, shukto, preparation of colocasia and rice. Everything was prepared by her mother. Bipasha wrote, “Mom gone bonkers cooking… yummy bong food.” The actress also added a heart emoji to the post.


Bipasha starts the video by introducing the homemade chicken 


Next is the rich Bengali fish curry

Now, we will walk you through the oh-so-delicious platter. First up is fish curry. Also known as macher kalia, this dish is a vital part of Bengali food culture and is known for its thick and spicy curry base. The base is usually made of onions and tomatoes. But some people also add curd to it. The zing of mustard oil and the fieriness of chilies are typical of this Bengali dish. Check out the recipe here.

Next is the creamy Bengali prawn curry

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That’s not the only seafood dish we get to see in Bipasha Basu’s video. Next in line is chingri malai curry. This Bengali dish is prepared with prawns, coconut milk, and lots of Indian spices. Ginger paste, cumin, turmeric powder, red chili powder, mustard oil, and ghee are some of the ingredients required for the dish. Try it out with the help of this recipe.


Shukto is a bittersweet classic Bengali curry

Bipasha Basu’s wholesome meal also had masoor dal and a Bengali dish called Shukto. Shukto is a bitter-sweet item made with bitter gourd or karela. Drumsticks, potatoes, raw bananas, and french beans are added to it. It is loaded with other spices and condiments to amp up the taste and texture. Here is the recipe.


Kochur torkari is a curry made with arbi

With “kochur torkari,” Bipasha Basu is referring to a dish of colocasia or arbi. This Bengali preparation uses the root vegetable as its main ingredient. If you want to try an arbi recipe, here is one for you.

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We are already hungry after peeping into Bipasha’s food diaries, aren’t we?


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