Anupam Kher Enjoys This Classic Desi Dessert In Varanasi (Pic Inside)


If you have been following Anupam Kher on social media, then you’d know that he is a huge fan of Indian food! His 4.6 million followers love to get a glimpse of his food adventures wherever he goes. Whether he is in India or travelling abroad, we can always see the actor gushing over Indian food. Recently, the 66-year-old was spotted in Varanasi and he was indulging his desi foodie craving by eating a classic Indian dessert – jalebi. He uploaded a video on his Instagram story of how thin, sweet and crispy jalebis are made in Varanasi. Take a look: 


The video provides an insight into how jalebis are fried. We see how the Varanasi’s halwai managed to fry seven rows of jalebis at once. The typical preparation of jalebis involves the making of the jalebi batter using flour and yoghurt, then the batter is piped into spiral shapes in hot oil for frying. After that, the fried jalebis are flavoured by soaking them in sugar syrup.  The sweet, orange-coloured and crispy jalebis make for a delicious dessert, especially when paired with rabri! If thinking about jalebi has got your craving for some, then we have the perfect recipe that will let you make this sweet delight at home. 

Click here for the recipe of Jalebi. 

Jalebi is not the only desi treat Anupam Kher is a fan of.  He also loves to eat Parsi food. A while back, Bomani Irani had treated Anupam Kher to some of the most delicious Parsi delicacies and the latter was all hearts of the elaborate feast. That’s not all,  Anupam Kher also finds bliss in simple home-cooked food. When he was in the US, he shared how he was able to enjoy desi food away from home thanks to fellow Indians in the States. 

Anupam Kher looks for delicious food everywhere he goes! Are you as big of a foodie as Anupam Kher? Do tell us in the comments section below! 


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